Wow, I don't know what to say except Thank-you! And I'm not sure exactly which suggestion of mine it was that won me the badge (I posted several pretty good suggestions), but I'm thankful and grateful nonetheless!

It looks like I'm starting to get pretty well-known around here, and I now rank #61 in the wiki's leaderboard! I know that it's nowhere near the #1 spot, but I hope to change that someday! XD :P

So anyway, I've made a few updates in the past week to my (still unwritten) fanfiction mythos, including changes to Hiro's character to make him seem a little less like a Mary Sue (of course, with the role he's destined to play in the story, I suppose he's never going to escape his "Mary Sue" status), and added the beginning of the Rangyi Rebellion, a major fictional plot point I've woven into the Avatar World's history a few years prior to the beginning of the Last Airbender series. I've also started drawing again, and some of you (those that actually read any of my pitifully few blogs) may have seen some of my drawings on my DeviantArt website. Here's a link if you want to see some of the better drawings I've posted:

I'm hoping that I can get enough money this Christmas for me to finally download Paint Tool Sai so that I can digitize and color in my work! Cross your fingers!

And with the Winter Solstice comming up, I'm going to be re-watching Book 1 of Avatar: the Last Airbender, to coincide with the real-life changing of the seasons. I plan on finishing the entire series again by the end of Summer 2011.

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