I've finally decided on a working title to my story: Fushichō: Saga of the Five Gods.  It'll be divided into "Books" (which are divided by time periods in Hiro's lifetime; Book 1 details Hiro's childhood until he becomes Squad 9's captain, Book 2 details his life and the battles up till the beginning of the main series, Book 3, Hunting a God, takes place during the series' three seasons, and subsequent Books details what happens after the War's end), which will be divided into volumes, which will then be divided further into seperate chapters.

I've also drawn several new pictures for the story, one of Lt. Ayako, one of Mao Que, and one of a formal portrait of Hiro and Azula (takes place during Book 3 of the series).  Unfortunatly, I still don't know how to upload them, seeing as our scanner broke last year and we still need to get a new one.

I'm still looking for anyone who can help me write the chapters for my story, mostly the dialouge between my origional characters and the characters from the series.  So if anyone thinks that they can speak for the various characters and wishes to help, just tell me.

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