Hi to everyone who may actually read any of my fanon, and sorry for the long time in between blog posts! My day of editing really sucked today. First, I tried to give a summary of the Fire Nation Civil War arc. I think I wrote a pretty good summary, the kind that makes you want to know more. I clicked to publish it, only to find that the damned Starbucks server timed out on me, so I lost everything that I wrote! :(

As if that were not enough, the character page for Kumiho Sachiko was merged with my userpage without my knolege or consent. So I changed it back into a character page, only for Olorin the White to undo my change! He posted something about my character page not meeting the wiki's "standards", but neglected to list exactly what those standards are! So I am a little pissed today.

On a more positive note, I've gotten a job recently, and I've edited parts of my fanon to more closely adhere to the new canon of Legend of Korra, and I think I've been able to improve a few things as a result. I still haven't written any chapters yet, but I have somebody who could help me with that. I'm personally going to wait until the next round of Avatar comics comes out before I release any chapters. I'd like to stick as close to Avatar canon as possible, and any diviations in my fanon timeline are going to be grounded in official (and some non-official) canon.

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