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August 27, 2009
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  • Hiroakira Fengxian

    Hey everyone! Long time no see!

    First up, I've got a job again, and now I make $10.50 an hour!

    Second, I've been thinking of a spin-off fanfiction where Hiroakira is genderflipped. Meet Sadako Fengxian:

    She's more touchy-feely and physically affectionate than Hiro, and possibly even more mentally unbalanced and bloodthirsty. Her story will stretch all the way into the Legend of Korra. I'm not yet sure how far to take the whole gender-swapping in the ATAL generation: Should it extend to most of the younger characters, just a few characters, or should I just genderflip Hiro and Azula?

    Sadako and Azulon II... their relationship is a lot more... interesting than Hiro and Azula's...

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  • Hiroakira Fengxian

    Hi everyone! Your favorite happy-go-lucky firebending blood knight, Hiro Fengxian, has now got a Facebook page! Not quite sure how he has access to a computer (or has the money to afford one), but here it is:!/profile.php?id=100002689676005

    He updates frequently, so feel free to comment on his posts, ask him questions, ect... assuming that he isn't on some suicide mission, instigating a brawl at a nearby tavern, or fighting off a ninja-wanabe hoping to collect on the underworld bounty on his head, he'll be happy to reply. Just a warning: he has a certain amount of values dissonance and is a tad naive in some social situations.

    On a side note, I'm currently out of work. Again. I didn't screw up or quit…

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  • Hiroakira Fengxian

    Bad Day

    July 31, 2011 by Hiroakira Fengxian

    Hi to everyone who may actually read any of my fanon, and sorry for the long time in between blog posts! My day of editing really sucked today. First, I tried to give a summary of the Fire Nation Civil War arc. I think I wrote a pretty good summary, the kind that makes you want to know more. I clicked to publish it, only to find that the damned Starbucks server timed out on me, so I lost everything that I wrote! :(

    As if that were not enough, the character page for Kumiho Sachiko was merged with my userpage without my knolege or consent. So I changed it back into a character page, only for Olorin the White to undo my change! He posted something about my character page not meeting the wiki's "standards", but neglected to list exactly what tho…

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  • Hiroakira Fengxian

    Hi to all my fans! Oh who am I kidding, I've probably only got two. :(

    Oh well, back to the point. I've put up a page for my story, and I have written previews for the first 8 storyarcs, plus one for the storyarc that is to take place during the Legend of Korra series. Take the time to check it out here and tell me what you think of the previews!

    I'm not going to be starting the Legend of Korra chapters until the series comes out, but if you ask nicely I might be inclined to tell you my ideas for plot elements... :3

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  • Hiroakira Fengxian

    I finally got around to coloring on Haruka's pic with Paint Tool Sai, and I thing that it came out great! I uploaded it to her character page, so go check it out and tell me what you think!

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