Once again, I am hoping to appeal to all you history buffs out there or to anyone who will read and appreciate these thoughts rattling around inside my skull. Today, I will make theories on what I hope to see in Legend of Korra and you are welcome to leave comments below on what you'd like to see.

First, I would really like to see how far technology has come in the Avatar universe. I mean, yes, we have Satomobiles, trolleys, and improved airships, but what about other things? I mean, for one thing, if this is equivalent to the 1920s in our world, has the airplane been invented yet? I could see it playing a very important role in the Avatar universe and it is a very important invention in our current world today. I must say, a secret hope of mine is that somebody, be it Mako, Bolin, Korra, or Asami, would fly an airplane in an episode, be it just for the rush of excitement or if they are chasing after somebody like Amon in his giant airship (I remember seeing in a trailer that Amon had some sort of airship he was riding on). An even crazier thought is the possibility of having a launcher that launches earth disks or pebbles like bullets on the plane. But I rest my case. Another thing I would honestly like to see is any of the 4 Nation's navies and how much they have improved. Since it is influenced by the 1920s, would the new navies be made of steel and made to look as imposing as ever? Because during the 1920s, battleships were seen as war winners because whoever had the bigger steel monster usually won the sea battles in World War I, for example. It would be really cool to see if submarines have been utilized in the new era. That is my speech on new tech in the Brave New World (dystopian novel reference XD). In the words of Forrest Gump, "That's all I have to say about that."

Next up is conflicts of the new era. I would really want to see a labor strike, maybe induced by the Eqaulists, at any industry that is big. I'll probably say that Hiroshi Sato's workforce would be the best example, even though I could see him being a very good boss, but I'll continue. The metalbender cops are called in to quell the strike with violent force. Tenzin (or possibly Korra) tries to talk Chief Bei Fong out of using brute force, but because of her no-nonsense attitude, sends out the cops with brute force authorized. Not trying to insult Chief Bei Fong, but I could see it happening. Another interesting thought is a bender counter group like the Triads possibly or other citizens that has street brawls with the Equalists. Another more political theory is that Tarrlok proposes bills that silence non-bender's freedom of speech and a large campaign by benders and non-benders is formed to destroy it disproving Amon's theory somewhat. But we will have to see how things turn out.

Now for some rather misc. thoughts. I really hope that Mike and Bryan give us a jazz band or a jazz club of some sort to appreciate because I really love the jazzy music in the series. I kinda hope even though its later in our history and therefore later in the Avatar world, it would be cool to hear a radio broadcast similar to Orson Welles telling of "The War of The Worlds" by H.G. Wells that scares a bunch of people. I wouldn't know what book would be used, but it would be funny to see Republic City's reaction to it. I would want to know what authors could be paralleled in the new era. Maybe Jinora could give us some hints by her reading of novels. I hope maybe these can be answered.

Well, folks, I hope you can keep up with my crazy thoughts and once again, leave your opinions on what you hope happens in Legend of Korra, Thanks for reading!

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