Well, folks, time for some totally random theories/hopes that have been stuck in my head for a few days about LOK. Today's one is a bit shorter than my other thoughts. These are mostly misc. thoughts on characters and story development. Please leave any ideas that you have because I enjoy looking at them.

First off, I would like to see us venture into inner Republic City with all the skyscrapers and various urban structures. It would be cool to see them up close instead of from an aerial view. Maybe they could even go inside and explore the interior and even go to the top. The skyscrapers would be a perfect place for a epic final battle, maybe even some references to King Kong, Godzilla, or some other humorous situation. Another awesome place to duke it out would be on the Tower that looks like the Eiffel Tower except it has a little different design structure. I would really like to see Cabbage Corps factory because it would just be awesome if they had a statue of the Cabbage Merchant out front. I would also want to see maybe having a battle on top of a train or trolley or something crazy. Finally, I definitely want some Satomobile fights, be it drive-by bending or car chases, anything with a Satomobile roaring down the street would be epic. But we shall see where our characters fight their battles.

Now for some character ideas. I must say, the idea of Asami being an Equalist agent is a little far-fetched to me, but if she were one, it would be interesting. But it would be really cool if she was a double double agent, meaning she was on the bender's side originally and is just using the Equalist disguise as a way to gather info and weakness. But Asami is a cool character and is rather awesome, so she will probably be a valuable ally. Honestly, I really hope that the show incorporates the bending triads as more than just an point for the Equalists. Be it a flashback of Mako and Bolin working for them or some character sneaking into the triads and seeing the life of them since it would a different perspective, even seeing how they are reacting to Amon's power. And I really want to see how Asami races and whatnot, because it sounds really awesome seeing old 20's influenced cars tearing it up on the streets. I personally think that having Amon's forces attempt to attack Air Temple Island would be an interesting shake-up for the plot because I would want to see how Tenzin reacts to it and Korra as well. But once again, we shall see what the creators have planned for our heros.

Once again folks, thanks for taking the time out of your busy lives to read this and leave opinions below. Thanks for reading!

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