Title says it all

Energy Island

Each element has a corresponding nation, except United Republic of Nations, which corresponds to all elements. So why shouldn’t there be a nation that corresponds with energybending? Bryan said in an interview , “a lot of the other hemisphere is ocean. What else might be over there...who knows…” This Energy Nation could be the “what else”. The Energy Nation is very isolated, so isolated no benders live in the nation except a few energybenders. However, the nation is the most spiritual place in the material world and is the largest passage to the Spirit World. Some people believe the nation is a myth, others believe it is real but abandoned after the other nations were founded, years before Avatar Wan’s time. Actually the nation is a large, thriving kingdom. The nation is similar to Atlantis, except not underwater.

Team Avatar's Children

For Team Avatar's Children go tothis page

Wannabe's Revenge

In the first episode, the White Lotus leader said there were many false claims of the Avatar before finding Korra. What if when Korra returns to Southern Water Tribe someone who wanted to be the Avatar wants revenge? This person is a powerful waterbender who was taught with Korra under Katara. For the past 13-14 years he/she has been resenting Korra and tormenting her.

Naga's Origin

Pabu’s origin was revealed so how come Naga’s isn’t yet. Naga was found by Korra behind the Southern Water Tribe Compound after her family was killed. Korra took care of her and tamed her, while hiding Naga from the White Lotus sentries. Eventually Naga got lose and was almost killed by the sentries before Korra saved her. Korra tried to convince the White Lotus leader for her to keep Naga. At first the leader, and many others, disagreed, but Katara was able to persuade them.

More coming soon. Comment your ideas. 

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