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    March 21, 2014 by Hermionesrose

    We all know the debate, the never ending tale. Katara and Zuko had so much build up, so much chemistry, the potential was there: the heat, the attraction, all the makings to have our lovely characters have a happy ever after together. Mike and Bryon however had different thoughts. We all know who won the cannon universe, and while I do love the Kataang children, I still believe that Zutara was meant to be. I cannot help but feel cheated in the sense that Taang had the chance to live on in the fleeting romance that was Linzen. Even if they did not stay together for the whole marriage and children part of life I do believe these two shared an epic romance. A romance that would have fit Aang and Toph to a 'T'. I love the idea of Aang and Toph…

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