Heyyo, !

Well, if you don't know my, I'm Henryjh98! And I'm talking about a new usergroup recently created by Master Ratava! It's called the Fanon Lost & Found Advisers, a group dedicated to helping author's suffering from writer's block on their way to their fanon's next chapter!

For A Better Summary:

The FL&FA is about giving and discussing strategies to boost the fanon audience through inserting brand-new, breath-taking, mind-stunning, heart-beating/breaking ideas to its plot. Help authors empathise with those characters that are difficult to personify. Give a hand at society and world creation, if your fanon has a spice of ancient empires, dynasties and civilizations; or if it is a medieval/feudalistic fantasy, a steampunk,cyberpunk, or a distopia, it won't be a utopia anymore. And specially to those authors who've got themselves into the darkness depth of writers' blocking...

I recently applied and today I was accepted by Master Ratava because I helped him push along for his fanon. If you are interested, there are currently 5 open spots! Just apply here!

I created this blog to tell you all that this'll be a great help if you need it. Just know that we will always be willing to help you with your fanons. So, if you are suffering from writer's block, click the link above and sign your name and fanon under on of the three members, Fruipit, Master Ratava, and myself!

So, when lost, the FL&FA will help you along your way!

Your's Truly,

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