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Hello, readers. Henry here, signing in for my first Fanon Fact Finders official interview. The interview is on Allhailhades's awesome fanon, Champions of Old Ba Sing Se. It's a great story describing banishment, escape, action, and it is full of emotions! I really suggest it!

Behind the Scenes

1. Henry:The Champions of Old Ba Sing Se follows the story of Kaine, told in first person. How did you decide to make it a first person story?

Allhailhades: Well Henry, I don't like writing in third person because I've always wondered how the narrator knows how the characters feel.

2. H:How exactly did you come up with the idea for the Champions of Old Ba Sing Se?

A:I'm not sure. I just started thinking about what I would change if I was writing Avatar and this story was born, I guess.

3. H:In what way did you find the Avatar Wiki to write your fanon on the fanon portal?

A:You are the one that introduced me to this wiki, and I eventually found the fanon portal to start to write my fanfiction.

4. H: Are you pleased with the reviews and responses to your fanon so far?

A: Yes, I am very pleased.


5. Do you plan out your chapters before you write them?

A:No. I have a notepad where I write down ideas, and a general understanding of how long it should take to reach an event.

6. H: The Champions of Old Ba Sing Se seems to have a very interesting storyline that will change the settings throughout the fanon. Do you plan to seperate the story into books? If so, how many books will you have?

A: No, it will be in one book, but a very long book.

7. How many chapters do you plan to have, total?

So far I have seven chapters, but I plan to go over forty. The chapters in my story are short so far but I hope to change that soon.

8. H: I've seen that you write two chapters per page for you fanon. Tell us why you do that?

A:I was originally going to do all chapters on one page but that would have been far to long. At the time I had two chapters so I just started changing a page every 2 chapters.

The World

9. H: The world of your fanon is very fascinating. Republic City is destroyed, occupied by a group of murderous Air Nomads, called the Ming-Hua Nomads. How did Republic City get destroyed?

A:Great question. My story takes place in the year 921 AG and almost four hundred years ago the avatar at the time who was a natural airbender lost control during the Avatar State and caused a massive earthquake that made the roads uneven, collapsed a few buildings, but killed under five hundred people.

10. H: What is the world like now? Is there lots of technology? Is it more like the ATLA world of the LoK world?

A:It is more like ATLA because in Republic City was the only satomobile production plant, all technology that Future Industries had was lost. The world is dreary and hopeless after not seeing the Avatar for almost 400 years. There is no electric or motorized technology.

11. H: What is your favorite location in all of your setting, either that you have explored or have not yet explored?

A:Eventually the Team will make their way to Ba Sing Se and the cyrstal catacombs. That is my favorite setting.

12.H: Your fanon's main picture is of the Crystal Catacombs of Ba Sing Se. Are they going to venture into the ancient caves at all?

A:Yes. Much of the story will take place there and in Ba Sing Se.

The Characters

13. H: You have many characters so far in your fanon. Who is your favorite and why?

A:My favorite is Kaine, but I cannot tell you without revealing many spoilers.

14. H: I've seen a blog that allows people to submit their own characters to be featured in the story. Why did you decide to let people do that?

A:That way the project means more to the readers and I get many different ideas for the characters to make the story more interesting.

15. H: Lin, the Avatar, seems like a very different Avatar. She changed her personality, as it seemed, over the course of the fanon. Why did she change?

A:Lin is what we in modern day society would call bipolar. She has drastic mood swings throughout the story.

16. H: What is the leader of Ming-Hua nomads, Jianguo, like?

A: Jianguo is not the leader of the nomads, but the leader of the scouts who look for stragglers in the city. He is now dead, but he was very buff, broad, and was a very cold person.

17. H: And finally, your waterbending master, Maku. The woman is mute, she does not talk. Why?

A: After the death of Nia and Maku's parents, Maku took a vow of silence until she could redeem their name.


18. H:How did you decide to become a writer? What inspired you to do so?

A: I've always loved to write, but I haven't done much recently. When the Legend of Korra came out and I was disappointed, I decided to write my own fanon that others could enjoy.

19. H: What was the first thing you have ever written about, whether it be fanfiction or your own idea?

A: The first thing I ever wrote outside of school was a short story about a US Marine back in 2007.

20. H: I assume you are a reader, since you are such a great writer. What is your favorite book? What is your favorite fanon on the wiki?

A: My favorite fanon would have to be either Avatar: The Sole Woodbender or Eyes of Katara my favorite books are the Percy Jackson ones or the Cherubs books.

21. H: What do you like about the show, Avatar:The Last Airbender and the Legend of Korra?

A: I absolutely loved Avatar the Last Airbender. It is my favorite show, I loved the comedy, the story, the animation, I loved everything. whereas for LoK, not much, Henry. I prefer Avatar the Last Airbender a ton. Korra dissapointed me in many ways. I like the animation and the music.

22. H: If you could live anywhere in the Avatar World, where would you live? Why? Would you bend an element?

A: I would live in Republic City and I would be a firebender or an earthbender.

23. H: Well, this question'll wrap up the interview. It'll also be the hardest question. . . Did you enjoy this interview, and will you put your name down for another one, if the FFF rules apply?

A: Of course I will!

My Response

3. H: Of course I knew how you found it, but the general public sure doesn't!

4. H: It's great that you are pleased and not dissappointed, but for all other writers with little or no comments, remember, the writing is about you having fun!

5. H: I've never really seen that type of approach. Usually people plan out the chapters, really detailed, but I am not one of those people :p!

6. H: Wow. One long book. Exciting!

9. H: Great, another reason for the people to hate the Avatar. *sighs* Well, at least not too many people died.

11 and 12. H: Funny how the answers were related. . . Anyway, I am so excited! The Crystal Catacombs are so unexplored, yet awesome!

13. H: Holding some suspense, are ya? Dangling your readers of a cliff. . . I'll just have to climb up onto that cliff to find out. ..>:)

16. H: Now that I think, I remember Jianguo dying. But I thought he was the leader :0.

17. H: That would take some serious willpower to go silent until you either avenge someone's death. . . or die trying. Well, I guess you could just die normally, too.

19.H: A US Marine story. . . my first story was about a rocket named Florida.

20. H: I'm flattered that my fanon is one of your favorites, and I'm sure Vulmen would feel the same way. And hurry up and get CHERUB 5 and 6! XD

22. H: Waterbending is the way to go, and either Ba Sing Se, the Eastern Air Temple, the Northern Tribe, or some random spot in the Fire Nation is the right place to live!

23. H: You don't want to know what I would have done to you if you had said no. . . I would have tickled you! XD

H: Well, this was a great interview. A good one, too (I think). I can't wait for my next one, and I hope you enjoyed it, Allhailhades! And I'm out!

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