Congratulations, Avatar Wiki! According to WAM, a program (or something like that) that rates and ranks wikis, Avatar Wikia is the 17th best wiki on Wikia with a score of 99.56! So, a shoutout to all the members on the website that have helped to make this place on the best communities on Wikia today! Check out the rankings here.

What could it possibly have been that made WAM rate Avatar Wiki as the 17th best wiki on the planet? There are many possibilites that could have contributed to the ranking. Personally, I see Avatar Wiki as a great place to learn more about the great shows of Avatar: The Last Airbender and the The Legend of Korra, a collection of creative and amazing fanfictions, and a group of some of the coolest Internet people in all of cyber space. The articles on the wiki are well-developed, beautifully written, and great references of information for anything Avatar-related. The fanons here are some of the best fanfictions, some of the best stories, I've ever read in my life. And with my experience, many of the users are nicer and cooler than some of the people I know. I'm serious when I say that. You guys rock.

And we can't forget the great admins! Where would we be without them? They keep all us idiots in line. Without them, the site would probably be a free-for-all in which everyone slaughters each other, the articles, and anything else on the wiki. Not only are they totally awesome, but they're fair and reasonable, too. They don't ban people for stupid reasons (as I have experienced before on other wikis) and they make sure to give people warnings before banning them (most of the time).

In truth, we probably will never really know the exact reasons of why WAM rated Avatar Wiki as the 17th wiki, but they obviously loved many things about it. Now, some of you might think, "Aw, 17th? That sucks!" It's actually a great score, considering there are hundreds, thousands of Wikia communities on the Internet. So, that being said, let's all take a moment to congradulate ourselves for helping to create and being a part of a wiki with a WAM score of 99.56. Congrats, all, and may we proceed to maintain and improve our wiki!

Appa-dobs1HenryJh 98 (BlogsFOTHParallel)Appa Sprite 23:10, September 21, 2013 (UTC)

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