I regret to say that my fanon, Avatar: The Sole Woodbender is going to end. I've just lost interest and inspiration to right and I feel like I cannot continue writing the story. My time on the wiki is lessening due to apporaching high school and I just don't believe that I have time. 

But fear not; this does not mean my writing days are over. I'm thinking of an idea that I hope to later turn into a fanon, because looking at fanons like Legend of Mei Lien make me miss the old days on the wiki when all I did was read and write. So as long as I stay on Avatar Wiki, I think I will always be writing. 

Thank you to all of my friends and readers that supported me with ATSW. To Master Ratava, for helping me stir the idea up and help it come along. To Acer, for helping me with coding and the amazing titlecard. Thank you to Minnichi, for procuring that amazing image of Mozukai. I appreciate everything you've done for me and I'll always remember your help. Thank you, to my readers and subscribers. And thank you to everyone who reviewed ATSW, because you've all helped to improve my writing tremendously. 

Proof that my writing days are not over: Parallel

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