Thanks to a recent journal posted by Marie Lu on DA,  I have great news for all of ya'll that live in California or around there, or maybe anyone who is interested. 

On Wednesday, June 26th at 7pm in Los Angeles, CA, Mike DiMartino, Marie Lu (author of Legend and Prodigy), Leigh Bardugo (Shadow & Bone), and Seth Hoffman (The Walking Dead) will all be at an event in Grove's Barnes and Noble.

For all you fans of art and these categories, if you make a fanart compiliation of all four subjects and submit it to the contest, a print of your artwork could be signed by all of these awesome people.

If you are interested in going, they will be giving off autographs after the main event.  So, attend if you are interested in meeting Mike and these other authors and stuff on Wednesday, June 26th in LA at Grove's Barnes & Noble (wherever that is). 

Appa-dobs1HenryJh 98 (BlogsFOTHParallel)Appa Sprite 17:26, June 22, 2013 (UTC)

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