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Hey everyone, this is a blog for animal shippings. Just post some shippings of either animal characters or just some species in the comments and I will add them in.

Nappa - Naga and Appa

Noogi - Naga and Oogi

Poogi - Pabu and Oogi

Pappa- Pabu and Appa

Oppa- Oogi and Appa

Nawky- Naga and Hawky

Armadillo Dog - an armadillo animal (lion, wolf, bear) and a polar bear dog

Momobu - Mom and Pabu

Foo Foo Cuddlyoogi - Foo Foo Cuddlypoops and Oogi

Mappa - Momo and Appa

Mawky - Momo and Hawky

Miumo - Miuki and Momo

Sunagi - Unagi and the serpent at Serpents Pass

Moga - Momo and Naga

Foo Foo Cuddlyoo - FFC and Momo

So, you get it? Just post them in the comments and I'll load 'em up! Have fun shipping animals!

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