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  • Henryjh98 be the best Korra season yet. 

    Hello there, Avatar wikians. It's been a while, quite a while, since I've made a blog post, but here I am. How are ya'?

    Anyway, I'm here to talk about why I think The Legend of Korra Season Three: Change has the potential to be the best Korra season yet. Today, I finally managed to finish Season Two, and unfortunately, I wasn't a big fan. The spirits, the new characters, even some of the old characters, didn't seem believable. There were sevearl major plot elements that popped up in the season that had never been even hinted at throughout all previous four seasons of the Avatar franchise. 

    After watching the trailer for Change, I've gotten really excited. It just seems so fresh and new and exciting--lots of …

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  • Henryjh98

    Avatar Wiki Ranking

    September 21, 2013 by Henryjh98

    Congratulations, Avatar Wiki! According to WAM, a program (or something like that) that rates and ranks wikis, Avatar Wikia is the 17th best wiki on Wikia with a score of 99.56! So, a shoutout to all the members on the website that have helped to make this place on the best communities on Wikia today! Check out the rankings here.

    What could it possibly have been that made WAM rate Avatar Wiki as the 17th best wiki on the planet? There are many possibilites that could have contributed to the ranking. Personally, I see Avatar Wiki as a great place to learn more about the great shows of Avatar: The Last Airbender and the The Legend of Korra, a collection of creative and amazing fanfictions, and a group of some of the coolest Internet people in…

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  • Henryjh98

    ATLA event in LA

    June 22, 2013 by Henryjh98

    Thanks to a recent journal posted by Marie Lu on DA,  I have great news for all of ya'll that live in California or around there, or maybe anyone who is interested. 

    On Wednesday, June 26th at 7pm in Los Angeles, CA, Mike DiMartino, Marie Lu (author of Legend and Prodigy), Leigh Bardugo (Shadow & Bone), and Seth Hoffman (The Walking Dead) will all be at an event in Grove's Barnes and Noble.

    For all you fans of art and these categories, if you make a fanart compiliation of all four subjects and submit it to the contest, a print of your artwork could be signed by all of these awesome people.

    If you are interested in going, they will be giving off autographs after the main event.  So, attend if you are interested in meeting Mike and these other autho…

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  • Henryjh98

    ATSW...It's Over

    May 27, 2013 by Henryjh98

    I regret to say that my fanon, Avatar: The Sole Woodbender is going to end. I've just lost interest and inspiration to right and I feel like I cannot continue writing the story. My time on the wiki is lessening due to apporaching high school and I just don't believe that I have time. 

    But fear not; this does not mean my writing days are over. I'm thinking of an idea that I hope to later turn into a fanon, because looking at fanons like Legend of Mei Lien make me miss the old days on the wiki when all I did was read and write. So as long as I stay on Avatar Wiki, I think I will always be writing. 

    Thank you to all of my friends and readers that supported me with ATSW. To Master Ratava, for helping me stir the idea up and help it come along. T…

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  • Henryjh98

    Bye, Avatar Wiki?

    December 20, 2012 by Henryjh98

    So, I assume you all have heard about December 21st, 2012? The end of the world, of all we know?

    Will the world really end? I don't know. None of us do. But if the world ends, it's Bye, Avatar Wiki. The question I'm thinking is, though, Bye, Avatar Wiki? If it is going to end, I'm saying bye to you all, and bye to Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra, and this awesome wiki.

    What will happen, if something does? A tiny comet destroying Earth? A world-wide electricity fail, like Revolution? Disease that turns us all into zombies, like The Walking Dead? Please no. Earthquakes, floods, fires, volcanoes, storms? If it's the latter, we'd have the ability to stop the world ending if we were benders.

    But I do not think it will end. I'm just pu…

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