I have created this short paragraph to vent my frustrations at Korra. I am angry, and rather disappointed, that she hasn't gone into the Avatar State yet. Yes, she is more in tune with the physical side of bending rather than the spiritual side, but even under those circumstances she should be able to do it WHEN HER FRIENDS ARE IN DANGER! I mean, even though Aang was much more spiritual than her, he went into the Avatar State something like ten to fifteen times during the series. He went into it in the freakin' second episode of the series. We're ten episodes into the new series, and she hasn't even contacted ONE of her past lives more than extremely indirectly. Nor has she shown the SLIGHTEST attempt to do airbending since the second episode. Shouldn't she have at least blown a tiny gust by now? Aang was earthbending, which was the opposing art to his personality, the first day he even had any lessons! I am going to have to get Tui, La, Ran, and Shaw to unleash a giant bending blast at her just to have a CHANCE at triggering the State. Pardon my excessive capital letter use, and Goodbye.

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