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  • I live in The Northern Air Temple.
  • My occupation is Head Monk of the Northern Air Temple; Airbending Instructor; Airball World Champion; member of 10-time Bison Polo world championship team
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    June 23, 2012 by Head Monk

    I have created this short paragraph to vent my frustrations at Korra. I am angry, and rather disappointed, that she hasn't gone into the Avatar State yet. Yes, she is more in tune with the physical side of bending rather than the spiritual side, but even under those circumstances she should be able to do it WHEN HER FRIENDS ARE IN DANGER! I mean, even though Aang was much more spiritual than her, he went into the Avatar State something like ten to fifteen times during the series. He went into it in the freakin' second episode of the series. We're ten episodes into the new series, and she hasn't even contacted ONE of her past lives more than extremely indirectly. Nor has she shown the SLIGHTEST attempt to do airbending since the second epis…

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  • Head Monk


    May 25, 2012 by Head Monk

    As I have stated on my user page, my favorite character from the new show is Tenzin. However, this short article addresses his skills and personality in Lok. Tenzin appears to be a master Airbender like his father. He also has a creative part, as he was the first shown using the air wheel technique. His personality is that of a serious man, but he has shown that he can be rambuctious, like at Korra's pro-bending match or when he told Korra not to bring his mother into what they were talking about. All in all, Tenzin is quite an interesting character. Comment if you want to tell me to do more character analyses. Please specify about whom you wish for me to write about. Thank you, young Airbenders.

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  • Head Monk

    The Aftermath

    May 24, 2012 by Head Monk

    The aftermath was quite a good episode. I do wonder how the combined forces of Korra, Lin, and Tenzin couldn't defeat even a single mech-tank. If the Equalists already have some, then the people of Republic City are in grave danger. Goodbye for now.

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