Toph's Story


Tophs Journal

Toph's Journal

Sneak peak (this piece of writing-below-is not actually in the story and was wrote especially for thes blog post)
I walked into the Lei Tai tournament arena feeling ready to take on my 42nd win. “The Blind Bandit” is the best Earthbender in the world! My first opponent: The Boulder… Easy Target! I could do this with my eyes closed!!! Well… really I have no choice… I’m blind… I sence that he’s feeling very confident in beating me because I’m blind. But I feel he vibrations of when he tries to attack right away with my feet. I disrupt his first move causing him to split in 2. And I then quickly knock the boulder out of the way as he screams in his pain. As I was in the middle of feeling very glad with myself I notice an over dramatic performance happening in the arena audience from a boy with a loud screechy voice but from the rest cheering and mayhem going on as The Boulder continued with more screaming i felt great. Then as I was about to go and collect my belt, But the host Xin Fu offered anybody in the audience a bag of gold pieces to defeat me! Then after a short silence somebody accepts the challenge. From the vibrations of his feet I could tell that he was a young boy so it should be easy. I started to taunt him with anything I had but the boy said “I don’t want to fight you!”

The estimated date for when this will be able for viewing is:

July 19 2011.

Thank you. i hope you look forward to this. =D

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