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  • Haybernathy

    Avatar Quiz!

    April 2, 2011 by Haybernathy

    This is the ultimate avatar quiz!

    Answer every question! To all who enter, one will get a surprize! This competition will end on April 17! So far 24 people have participated.

    • You must have an account to win a prize.
    • No copying other people's answers.
    • No being rude by saying "You got this and this and this wrong"

    If you break any of these rules you will be disqualified.


    Good Luck...

    1. Where was Katara's and Sokka's grandmother born?
    2. When did Aang met Roku the first time?
    3. Name some Freedom Fighters.
    4. Who is Jeong Jeong?
    5. When did Azula first apper in the series?
    6. What are the names of Moon and Ocean's Spirits?
    7. How many jings are there according to King Bumi?
    8. Who freed Appa in Ba Sing Se?
    9. Where was the hidden head quaters of the Dai-Li?
    10. Where was the Guru?
    11. Did Aan…

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  • Haybernathy

    Well... Toph... :) She's actually pretty funny!! THE MELON LORD! She can... earth bend... sand bend... METAL bend... She's an awesome tom boy... and from what i can remember... she is the only one in the show. (correct me if i am wrong) She's the only one with a last name!! Which means she was the only one who was important enough to get one. She has a name because of her life... "BEI FONG" Well like, if she didn't have a last name then like she would be called what? she wouldn't be important. Like in the serpants pass... when they were at the ferry place. If she didn't have a last name then like they wouldn't have been like: "OH MAH GAWSH!! BEI FONG" they would have been like: "Oh you're an important person. you can come" ... Ok i'm getti…

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  • Haybernathy

    This fanon currently already has a Cover Photo. But I feel a bit edgy about it. What one do you like best?

    It is currently:





    Additional suggestions.

    Please tell me what you like the best :)

    Voting has now closed. It was a tie between A and C. Because C is already there, I will leave it.

    Thank you to all who participated.


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  • Haybernathy

    So sorry...

    January 22, 2011 by Haybernathy

    Hey there friends.

    I am so sorry. I may not be as active as usual anymore... The reason is because our internet router has been over-heated and it is only occasionally working. I apolojise. I will try to be on everyday. But probably only 5 minutes at a time. If i have been talking to you on IRC you would already know about my internet problems. But now it is worse... But gladly out of this... i will be able to write more of my fanon :)... I am sorry for any inconviniences... (if there ar any...) (probably not though...) (i just wanted to sound all deep and... yeah...)

    Bye...! :)

    But in the mean time... Accept this... :)

    Toph Lover 07:02, January 22, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Haybernathy

    Fanon: Toph's Story

    January 2, 2011 by Haybernathy

    Sneak peak (this piece of writing-below-is not actually in the story and was wrote especially for thes blog post)
    I walked into the Lei Tai tournament arena feeling ready to take on my 42nd win. “The Blind Bandit” is the best Earthbender in the world! My first opponent: The Boulder… Easy Target! I could do this with my eyes closed!!! Well… really I have no choice… I’m blind… I sence that he’s feeling very confident in beating me because I’m blind. But I feel he vibrations of when he tries to attack right away with my feet. I disrupt his first move causing him to split in 2. And I then quickly knock the boulder out of the way as he screams in his pain. As I was in the middle of feeling very glad with myself I notice an over dramatic performa…

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