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    Okay, this blog will cover facts about the gap years in Avatar. The Gaps generally being during the Hundred Years War and Before Korra's discovvery as the Avatar. I will generally address these as they come to me, but for the first, I've come up with the birth of Aang and Katara's firstboorn, Bumi.

    Right, now, from the Timeline, we know that during the Search, Aang was 14-15 and there was no Bumi, so that is roughly around 103-104AG. So suffice to say, he wasn't born here.

    Tenzin, Aang and Katara's youngest was born in 119AG according to the wiki timeline. So he had to be born sometime between these two dates.

    Now, let's take into account basic biology, the gestation period for 1 baby comes to 9-10 months, so let's call it a year at least. So…

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