UPDATE: I am withdrawing this proposal - too ambitious and complicated an idea, just to solve the problem with attracting more film fans to work on the film pages. Will work on a new proposal to improve the "signal-to-noise" ratio on the comments for the film pages. Please comment on my talk page.

NOTE: I am posting this as a blog to allow anonymous users to comment, before we can finalize things in the Forum:War Room

After my long roadtrip, I thought about my over-reaction to the creation of the Film:Komodo Dragon page and its replacement with the Film:Komodo Rhino page. Buttongoo, I take back whatever harsh things I wrote at you and any obscenities I uttered behind the keyboard. I thought you were being an ass as usual when you created that page. However, after going to through the comments in Komodo Rhino, I realize that you probably didn't know any better, so I'm sorry for my outburst. There were two anoymous edits that went unchallenged for quite time:


This made me realize that film pages had to maintained by a community of MNS-TLA film fans, rather than A:TLA fans, as most of them simply hate the movie, which is fine. However, the film fans would recognized those two sentences as complete and utter BS, and would undo the changes on the spot, instead of going "hmm... I barely watched this unwatchable movie, so I guess it could be true." Looking at the comments on this site in the last few days, if the film TLA fans do exist, they would not come here unless they are willing to up with the harassment, ridicule, threats of death and bodily harm. I don't have time to delete or respond to all those comments. Take this comment for example. Somehow M.Night had done something so unforgivable that we can throw out whatever Asian values we have left, making it fair game to call him "Shamalamadingdong" or "Shamalalalalan". A comment with "Konietzkokokoko", or "DiMartinononono", or "Kisusususu", won't last two seconds on this wikia, and rightfully so. M.Night just made a freaking movie! If you don't like it, demand a refund AND skip the sequel. No one asking you to put up with it, but I guess for some people, it is hard to do that with the film pages hosted the same wikia subdomain as A:TLA and TLA:LOK.

I reserved a new wikia subdomain for this solely for the film fans (which will remain nameless to comply with the no advertising policy). I will be working the film pages on Avatar wikia, until I figure out the scope/purpose of the new site.

This isn't goodbye. Believe or not, I am still an A:TLA fan and looking forward to Korra. Heck, I don't consider myself an M.Night fan - I stil don't know what the big deal is with Unbreakable and his other movies. I be happy to remain a member of Avatar Wiki:The Ember Island Players, figuring how to rework the film pages to something maintanable by A:TLA fans. For the new site, I want the film pages to go all-out, not be concerned with "overshadowing" the main pages, such as having lots of images on the film pages, going into nitty gritty details on the workings of the "Komodo Rhino Launcher", not simply left as a footnote in the Trivia section. Yes, I could probably work something out with the admins, but the Avatar wikia community probably would not appreciate the film pages having "special exemptions", which I can respect.

I'll check back on the comments later. Thank you for those who support the film pages, especially the admins. BTW, congrats to The Bos for becoming the 15th administrator! :-)

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