I placed a "Makorrasami" on the Shipping page, but DC undid my edits because he deemed it "not popular" enough to warrant an entry. I am publishing the entry as a blog just so people understand what I meant by Makorrasami shipping. Enjoy. — Hasdi Bravo

  • Mako, Korra and Asami - known as Makorrasami - This three-way ship is not necessarily erotic but based on the classic "family-friendly" shipping dilemma in Archie Comics, where Korra is Betty Cooper, who is the athletic girl-next-door who love sports and cheerleading, and Asami is Veronica Lodge, who is the posh daughter of a wealthy tycoon (i.e., Hiroshi Sato), except that Korra has Veronica's fiery and stubborn personality while Asami has Betty's nice and sweet personality. Both Betty and Veronica are "steady" girlfriends of Archie Andrews (i.e., Mako), sometimes all three go on a date at the same time (which can be uncomfortable and confusing to Archie for them to "gang up" on him). While both can show jealousy if Archie spend more time with one of them, each rather lose him to the other than to other girls like Cheryl Blossom. Despite competing for his affections, Betty and Veronica are best friends who love to go out shopping and spent time together, although they occasionally get into catfights like frenemies. Korra has already accepted Asami into her circle of friends and showed gratitute to her and her father for sponsoring the Fire Ferrets,[1] which can lead to this similar Betty-Veronica relationship.


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