This page contains my predictions for the sequel, based on hints from the first movie and various interviews with M. Night Shyamalan such as the private breakfast interview with journalists, the NYMAG interview, and MTV interviews. The sequels to The Last Airbender have yet to be greenlit by Paramount. Once that happens, Shyamalan had indicated the he will be directing two more movies per his contract. However, a fourth movie is possible if negotiations are successful, which may still be produced by Shyamalan even though it may not be directed by him. Shyamalan said the draft for the second movie has been written, but the third movie has yet to be constructed, likely pending the fourth movie negotiations. The assumption it that four movies will be made; otherwise, the story predicted for the third and fourth movies will have to be compacted.

For the most part, I will focus on what I think Shyamalan will do in the sequels, rather than what I want to be in the sequels. Due to the negative response from many fans of the animated series, the signal-to-noise ratio may be too low to sort out legitimate suggestions and criticisms for the sequels, from the death threats. Therefore, I have as much success of having my ideas heard as the next guy; Shyamalan and his crew are more likely listen to Mike and Bryan, their focus group (which includes Shyamalan’s children), and most importantly, Paramount studio executives. Just in case they do read it: yes, feel free to incorporate them (royalty-free, no strings attached, etc, etc) – just make it better, and please don’t make the sequels suck.

Many of the predictions are comments I have made in LAF, Avatar wikia, and elsewhere. You may want to check out the Revised Mythology section from my other user blog. Be warned that if you swipe any of my predictions, it means you stand by and agree with them. The following definitions may be useful:

  • Theories: Plausible statements that do not contradict established facts, mostly for the first movie.
  • Speculations: Predictive statements based on known facts
  • Rumors. Contagious statements that have no basis in fact.
  • Suggestions: Ideas that I think are great but no guarantee it will be there
  • Plot Examples: Demonstrates how the predicted elements can be woven into a story that make sense to the general audience.

Theories and Speculations


  • The four-movie speculation is based on the epilogue when Ozai stated that the Sozin's Comet will arrive in three years time. Frank Marshall stated in the interview [1]that the movie covered the first year. Assuming one year for each movie, there may be three more movies, instead of just two more. If so, the fourth movie can cover Sozin's Comet storyline with other Air-related stories added in.
  • Some of the deleted scenes not released on BR/DVD but still in the novelization may be incorporated as flashbacks in the second movie:
    • The Kyoshi Warriors, to introduce them to the general audience. UPDATE: in the video interview @6:00, Shyamalan said he wants to reshot the scenes.
    • Katara’s necklace, to cue Kanna's story and to draw out Hama.
  • Unnamed characters had very minor roles in the film series. Named characters with minor roles in the animated series had been subjected to role merging and role expansion in the first movie. This helps save running time, minimize the cost of casting and hiring many actors, reduce character clutter, and enhance the importance of otherwise minor characters.
    • The role of Roku, Koh, Fang and Guru Pathik was merged into a new composite character the Dragon Spirit.
    • The role for Jet and his Freedom Fighters was merged with Suki and the Kyoshi Warriors.
    • The role for Arnook was merged with Yue, his princess daughter, i.e. the Northern Water Tribe was "led by a princess because her father died"
    • The role of Ozai was expanded, some of which were roles shifted from Zhao.
  • The sequels may continue such role merging/expansion scheme with other characters:
    • Hama's role may be expanded. She may be the guide for Aang's team in the Fire Nation in the third movie, as she was the only Waterbender who was taken into the Fire Nation, and somehow managed to escape and survive there. She will teach the group how blend as colonials, and take over the role Ms. Kwan from the episode The Headband. She may take over the role of the Painted Lady, who secretly smuggle defectors from the Fire Nation every full moon, to be taken refuge in the Earth Kingdom. Her status may be elevated to a person related to Kya and Kanna [2][3]
    • Azula's role of negotiating the terms of the coup with Long Feng in the series, may be shifted to Ozai in the second movie.
    • Iroh may take on the role for Jeong Jeong the Deserter. Shyamalan indicated that he moved the deserter to the third movie when Aang is going to learn fire[4]. However, Iroh is already a deserter himself by the end of the first movie. For example, when Iroh escaped and went into hiding, he would use a cover name Jeong Jeong. Arguably, the first movie is already suggesting to the general audience that Iroh is the master who will teach Aang firebending when the time comes. It is also a great opportunity to have Shaun Toub sharing more scenes with Noah Ringer. Iroh may also take on the role of the Sun Warrior chief from the episode The Firebending Masters, to each Aang and Zuko how to generate fire from their chi.
    • Ty Lee may take over the role of Mai, and Jin from Zuko's tale from the episode The Tales of Ba Sing Se. She will serve as Azula's confidant to expose her thoughts to the general audience. Other crew members for Azula will have non-speaking roles.
  • Depiction of character death will continue to be clear the sequel, as done with Zhao and Yue. Any characters that were "permanently moved out of the scene" in the series is subject to be killed off: e.g. Council of Five, Earth King, Ursa, Ozai, Azula, etc, etc.
  • June may have been hinted the first movie. [5]; Shyamalan had hoped that she will end up somewhere in film series [6] so he may have laid "the groundwork" for her as he had done with Hama, albeit more subtle. She was either an agent of the Spirit World, or a spirit herself, along with her spirit partner Nyla. For the latter case, this would allow their supernatural abilities to be unchanged from the animated series: superhuman strength, speed and reflexes for June (i.e. a Hunter Spirit), and worldwide tracking by scent for Nyla (i.e. a Tracker Spirit). Her likely role in the sequel may be similar to the animated series, i.e. as Zuko's personal fairy god-tracker, thus lead him to Iroh or possibly Ursa.
  • Momo may be a reincarnation of Monk Gyatso or a Spirit.
  • Shyamalan's stated that "Last Airbender 2 will be darker..." in the MTV interview [7], although the lucrative PG rating will likely be maintained. The darker theme may refer to "the good guys will lose" theme of the second act, much like Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back.
  • The main plot is expected to be Fall of Ba Sing Se, where Aang and others traveled to Ba Sing Se to master earthbending from Long Feng only to discover too late that he was planning to switch allegiance to Firelord Ozai, as he rather serve a firebender than a non-bender like the Earth King. As for Zuko, he will turn against Iroh, much to the dismay of the general audience. As a cliff-hanger, Aang may be seemingly killed by Azula (as in the animated series), or may be captured and taken to the Fire Nation. Either way, the second movie will be a setup for the third movie, where the characters must travel into the Fire Nation.
  • Ursa’s fate may be known in the sequel as Shyamalan has indicated that "I want to know what happens to Zuko's mom."[8] She was foreshadowed when Zuko pulled out his family portrait, just before he began his training session on his ship. Azula may be seeing images of her as early as TLA2 but her madness only became apparent in the final movie. Her people may be too afraid to oppose her so they rejoiced when Zuko defeated in an Agni ki Duel and became the Firelord.
  • Lightning Generation is likely to be eliminated in the sequels. In the animated series, it was introduced to put Zuko at a clear disadvantage with Azula, making her a more dangerous opponent than Zhao. To put Zuko back on equal footing with Azula in the final showdown (and similarly with Aang vs. Ozai), this ability was rendered ineffective with Lightning Redirection, going back to the basics of fighting fire with fire. For the movie, chi-fire was restricted to high-level firebenders like Iroh, Ozai and Azula. Since Zuko was limited to only generating heat with his own chi, he was already at a disadvantage. Thus, Zuko needs to master chi-fire to be on equal footing with Azula (e.g. like in the episode The Firebending Masters). Chi-fire substitutes lightning as a fear factor: firebenders fear chi-fire in the movie, just like firebenders fear lightning in the animated series. Note that in the movie novelization, when Zhao directed a blast of fire at Zuko with his back turned, Iroh "redirected the flames, shielding Zuko." As such, lightning redirection may have already been substituted with fire redirection.
  • Azula's blue flame may be kept if it serves a legitimate storytelling purpose. For animation, it is an artistic license to highlight her character from other firebenders, similar to Princess Yue wearing purple while other members of her tribe wear blue, and similar to Mumbles from Happy Feet having ever-lasting down features to set him apart from the other penguins. For a live-action movie, highlighting a character is primarily done with an actor's on-screen presence and his acting ability. The most favorable purpose for having the blue flame is that a flame generated by a high-level firebender has its own "color signature" - Azula happens to be blue. Although the color of a flame is not indicative of its power, it can help the general audience to follow the fight, especially in the upcoming Agni ki Duel between Zuko and Azula, similar to Darth Vader has a red lightsaber while Obi-Wan has a blue lightsaber.
  • Fire Nation refugees and defectors were foreshadowed in the first movie to be wearing white and red clothing, to contrast with black and red clothing on Ozai's side. In the first movie, notice that other nations where mostly solid colors for their clothing, e.g. solid yellow for Air Nomads, solid blue for Water Tribe members, and solid green for the Earth Kingdom people. The Fire Nation soldiers wore black uniforms with accented with red, and likewise with the clothing for the Fire Nation colonials. Note that when Iroh sent off Zuko during the Siege of the North, Iroh referred the white camouflage suit that Zuko wore as his "uniform".
  • Toph may narrate the second movie. Shyamalan stated in the BR/DVD documentaries that the movie is Katara’s story from her perspective, as she was the one narrating the movie. Since the second movie is likely to be Toph’s story, Toph may be narrator. Likewise with the third movie, it will be narrated by Zuko. If the fourth movie is made, it will be narrated by Aang.
  • Toph introduction will be changed - she will likely meet Zuko and Iroh first. This is because M.Night needs Zuko's anti-hero status to be clearer - Toph was a "good character" other than Iroh that vouch for Zuko in the animated series. Meeting Zuko and Iroh first will establish to the general audience why her bond with them was strong. Toph will replace the boy in a Zuko Alone episode merged with Zuko's story in The Cave of Two Lovers episode. Instead of turning away from Zuko, Toph tagged along with him. The rendezvous point is The Chase where Toph and the others cornered Azula. Azula blasted her blue fireball at Aang - Iroh moved to redirect but was heavily injured. Toph offered to teach Aang Earthbending while traveling to Ba Sing Se in exchange for letting Zuko and Iroh travel with them, and for Aang requesting the Earth King to grant asylum to Zuko and Iroh as political refugees.
  • Sokka will turn eighteen in the second movie, so he may due for the ice dodging ritual, supervised by his own father, Hakoda, rather than Bato. This may be briefly shown in the first part of the second movie, on their way to the Earth Kingdom, a rework of the episode The Avatar State and Bato of the Water Tribe.
  • Appa may be caught by Dai Li in the second movie during the coup. In the third movie, Ty Lee may take him to the circus where she used to work in the Fire Nation, so that Appa receive a better care, instead of keeping him in a holding cell for captured animals.
  • Since the gAang escaped from Ba Sing Se with Appa in the series, with Appa caught, the gAang would need a "different getaway" vehicle. One possibility is an underground river that connects Lake Laogai to the Ocean, which may be used as underground hydro-power generator.
  • Azula's assigned task was not to capture Iroh and Zuko but to keep Aang from mastering the other elements or slow him down. As such, she would seek Aang first, not Zuko.
  • The Foggy Swamp Tribe may be featured in the second movie as Waterbenders who are able to use their abilities within the Earth Kingdom, outside their natural "homeground advantage" at either poles. Likewise, the Sandbender Tribes may be featured in third movie as Earthbenders who are able to use their abilities within the Fire Nation.
  • The possible spiritual places where Aang meditates to communicate with the Dragon Spirit:
  • Shipping Issues: Kataang was absent in the first movie as I suspect Noah Ringer as an inexperienced actor, had trouble emoting Aang's feelings towards Katara. M.Night would have send him to lots of acting school for a believable chemistry, which could take years. My suggestions:
  1. Change Kataang such that it was Katara who wanted more than friendship from Aang, i.e. Aang was either oblivious or could not bring himself to return his feelings for her. By the fourth movie, Noah Ringer may be experienced enough to bring in the chemistry: Aang must unlock the Air Chakra by accepting that his love for his people was not lost, but transformed into a new love.
  2. Replace Kataang with Teaang, with Teo cast with Chloe Moretz, just like Starbuck was cast with Katee Sackhoff. If Starbuck and Apollo can "get it on" then Aang can do the same with Teo, especially if Teo becomes his wingman. Apparently, this suggestion of mine is frowned upon.

Toph's Vision

Actor Toph

Actor Toph released a "sonic wave by screaming" so he can "see"

I believe Toph's ability was based on Daredevil's "radar-sense", although hers was reworked as "seismic sense", i.e. by "listening through her feet". Adopting "super-powers" from other shows seems to be acceptable for movies but that's not the real problem. "Seismic imaging" is real but it only works for the ground, not objects above ground. Toph would have to rely on her hearing to "see" what's in front of her (rather than her feet) but that requires a sound source to create the "acoustic imaging" hence the "screaming Toph" in The Ember Island Players. [This may be referring to M.Night's discussion with Mike and Byran, trying to figure out the physics of Toph's vision for movie] Daredevil used his baton for this. Toph stomped her feet for seismic imaging but what did she use in the show for the acoustic one? Live-action emoting is going to be a problem too with Toph being blind - not many child actresses are able to use their eyes to emote and act blind at the same time.

I suggest her vision is reworked with a combination of all three:

  • seismic sense is refined - only works with imaging underground objects and to determine the points of contact of an object to the ground surface. Toph needs to ground at least two of her feet or her hands for stereoscoping imaging. She spread her toes (or fingers) to focus the image and use her heel (or palm) to create a seismic "stomp".
  • enhanced hearing is kept - works like a guy from the "Book of Eli". Need a sound source to pinpoint the location and direction.
  • radar sense is reworked by making Toph partially blind - she cannot see visible light spectrum, but chi contained in living objects and surrounding chi flowing in and out (i.e. "chi vision", still unable to see facial expressions or words on a paper). That way, the general audience get to have a "sense" of Gathering of Chi, so they won't mistaken the benders were "dancing like idiots" or bending has "delayed actions" like in the infamous imprisoned scene. Easy to shoot - just stick an infra-red lens on the camera and add in the SFX. Optionally, you can overlay it sound waves rippling all around her, by making the translucency of chi affected by air pressure.

Gathering of Chi

This refers to "before you do anything that utilizes Chi, you must have Chi reserves to work with."[9] Other movies, like wuxia ones, use special effects to show how the "glowing chi" flowing in before the attack is unleashed but the general audience may not realize that chi is normally invisible to the other characters. For some, adding the SFX is as bad as narration. In the movie, the chi is visible if there is lots of it, like when Aang tapped into the power of Water for the "tidal wave". With this Chi-gathering restriction, you can basically do simple bending with the Chi that you already have, but for much larger bending you need to gather it first, e.g. by doing some prior "dancing". This is similar to having limited shots before you have to "reload". Similar to fighting games like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, elemental attacks are used for medium and long range attack, but for short range it is quicker to use to hand-to-hand combat instead. Otherwise, the fight sequences will be more like gun kata as with the animated series, which John Woo would love to do but M.Night probably preferred to focus on the basics of martial arts as well. :-/

Plot Example

With four movies, each Book is narrated by a different bender: Katara, Toph, Zuko, and Aang. In each Book, Aang will unlock each of his four Chakras (Water, Earth, Fire and Air) before he becomes a Fully Realized Avatar and face off Ozai in Book 4.

  • Book 1: He unlocked the Water Chakra by letting go of his guilt.
  • Book 2: He has to unlock the Earth Chakra by overcoming his fear, which may be fear of facing Ozai after almost being killed by Azula.
  • Book 3: He has to unlock the Fire Chakra by letting go of his shame, which may be the shame of hiding from the world, letting them believe that he is dead. Coincidentally, Zuko has to let go of his shame to master chi-fire, as a rework of letting go of shame to generate lightning in Bitter Work episode.
  • Book 4: He has to unlock the Air Chakra by letting go of his grief by realizing that his love for his people is not lost, but transformed into a new love, Katara.

Book 2: Earth

Aang, Sokka, and Katara travelled into the Earth Kingdom to reach Ba Sing Se to find an Earthbender who can teach Earthbending to Aang, with Suki and her Kyoshi Warriors escorting them. Azula and her crew attempted to incept them, knowing that Aang would need to master Earth next, the master would likely to be in Ba Sing Se. Meanwhile, Zuko and Iroh were constantly on the move, being pursued by the Fire Nation. They met with Toph who tagged along with them on their journey.
Farming village

Toph' village, where she and her mother found Zuko and Iroh harrased as Fire Nation immigrants


The movie opened with a scrolling text with an prologue similar to the first movie, narrated by Toph. The text on the next screen was "A year ago, the Avatar finally decided to show up..."

The Blind Bandit / The Chase

Earth Kingdom cuisine

Toph's foster mother invited Zuko Iroh to have dinner and stay the night

Toph narrated about her hardship and life in the Earth Kingdom, and the events that had happened since the Avatar had returned. The Fire Nation had tighten their grip on the Earth Kingdom to quell the uprising, even burning down the villages as a lesson to Earthbenders who reneged on their terms of surrender. Toph lived with her foster mother who had sent her boy fighting in the war. In the market, Toph and her foster mother found two hooded travellers, Zuko and Iroh, harrassed by the villager as Fire Nation immigrants. The mother (playing the role of Song) invited them to have dinner and to spend the night with them.
Episodes: The Cave of Two Lovers (Zuko/Song), The Swamp (Zuko/Iroh/villagers)
Toph and Iroh

Toph shared Tea with Iroh and bonded with him

Toph bonded strongly with Iroh while sharing tea with him. Toph (playing the role of Lee, the Earth Kingdom Boy) also bonded with Zuko too although he was somewhat annoyed by the affection and more concerned comtemplating his sad fate. In the conversation, the foster mother (playing the role of Fung) suggested that Zuko and Iroh to go to Ba Sing Se to request for political asylum as Fire Nation refugees.
Episodes: The Chase (Toph/Iroh), Zuko Alone (Zuko/Lee), The Desert (Iroh/Fung)
Ice dodging
The scene cut to a scene of icebergs when a SWT ship burst out heading towards the shores of the Northern Earth Kingdom. Sokka was at the helm, dodging the icebergs while his father Hakoda sat down quietly behind him. Katara and Aang were nervous, Momo was frantic, but Appa was enjoying his nap, oblivious to the danger. Sokka turned eighteen so he was ready for the ice dodging ritual. Aang revealed that the Dragon Spirit told him of his vision that Aang will find an Earthbending master in Ba Sing Se, so skillful that the master was able to bend metal. At shores, Hakoda gave Sokka the Mark of the Wise for completing the ritual. Katara clutched her necklace when Hakoda said how proud their mother would be of them. He then bid his children and Aang farewell before heading out to the sea.
Episodes: Bato of the Water Tribe (Sokka/Bato), The Avatar State (Aang/Pakku), The Guru (Sokka/Hakoda).
Ty Lee with the Kyoshi Warriors

The Kyoshi Warriors were introduced. They escorted Aang and the others to Ba Sing Se

The Introduction of Kyoshi Warriors can be done with or without flashback of the actual footage shot from the first movie. The flashback may be cued on the ship when Hokada asked Katara how they met the Kyoshi Warriors who had offered to escort them to Ba Sing Se. The scene showed Sokka and Katara stumbled into the Fire Nation soldiers outnumbered and unarmed when the warriors descended from the trees and saved them (like Jet and the Freedom Fighters did). After that, Aang said to Katara "That's not what Sokka told me" so she turned to Sokka and asked "What did you tell him, Sokka?!" Without flashback, this may be after Hakoda's ship had disappeared into horizon - the gAang stepped into the woods and were ambushed. Aang was captured while Sokka and Katara were about to be finished off when the warriors showed up. Suki then offered to escort them to Ba Sing Se.
Episodes: Jet (Episode) (Sokka/Katara/Aang/Jet/Freedom Fighters)

Azula addresses her crew, with Ty Lee as her second-in-command

With either introduction of Kyoshi Warriors, Suki warned Aang and the others that the worse was yet to come as the Fire Nation had anticipated Aang to head to Ba Sing Se to master Earthbending. They heard rumors of an elite crew of Fire Nation soldiers and a high-speed tank. The scene then cut to Azula, who was addressing her crew. Her crew was many skilled operatives and Firebenders, with Ty Lee as her second-in-command. Ty Lee is a composite of her animated counterpart and Mai, has Ty Lee's acrobatic skills and fight with Ty Lee's chi-blocking skills for short-range and Mai's knife-throwing skils for long-range, all learned from her time at the Fire Nation circus.
Episodes: The Avatar State (Episode) (Azula/her crew), Return to Omashu (Azula/Mai/'Ty Lee)
Zuko surrounded by flames

Zuko fought with the Earthbending thugs to defend the village

While Iroh and the mother were out, looking for passports or something, Zuko troubled himself into defending the villagers from the Earthbending thugs with his double broadswords, eventually with Firebending. He was soon outnumbered. Just before he was about to finished off, Toph stepped in and fought them alongside with Zuko. Despite helping the villagers, the villagers want Zuko and Iroh to leave because they were Firebenders. Toph was furious about this and proceeded to pack her stuff. Her foster mother did not stop her but told her about her real Beifong family, a rich family originally from

Toph revealed her superior Earthbending ability and fought alongside Zuko

Ba Sing Se. She suggested that Toph may find her destiny in Ba Sing Se and possibly get in touch with her relatives there. Toph then caught up with Iroh and Zuko. Zuko was against her tagging along but Toph made it his fault because once she revealed herself to be an Earthbender, she will be eyed for recruitment so she had to leave. She had been practising Earthbending in secret like Haru.
Episodes: Zuko Alone (Zuko/Lee), The Blind Bandit (Toph)
Tracking Appa

Azula found the forked trail and decided split for crew, putting Ty Lee in charge

After a long chase, Suki realized that the Fire Nation were following them with Appa's fur shedding. Aang refused to leave Appa. Sokka came up with a plan to create a false trail: Suki and the Kyoshi Warriors will take some of Appa's fur and head over the river, while Sokka Katara, and Aang rode on Appa to fly over the other side then circle back to the river. Before flying back to the river, Aang will fly with his glider to an abandoned town on the map and hide there until the situation was taken care off. Azula encountered the forked trail and decided to split off from her crew and put Ty Lee in charge: Azula followed
Azula's vision

While Azula was following the other trail, her vision of Ursa followed her as well

the Appa' trail by herself while Ty Lee followed the Kyoshi Warriors trail as the trail seemed more "disturbed". While heading into the woods, Azula saw visions of Ursa but was not bothered by it, even had an imaginary conversation with her. Azula noticed a branch on tall tree was disturbed and suggested to Ursa that Aang must have split off his bison to an abandoned town that she was also aware from the map.
Episodes: The Chase (The gAang/Azula and crew), Sozin's Comet, Part 3: Into the Inferno (Azula/Ursa)
Mai versus Kyoshi Warriors

Ty Lee and the crew faced off Suki and her Kyoshi Warriors

The Kyoshi Warriors crossed the river and leaping from rocks to rocks. The tank had caught up with them but was unable to cross so Ty Lee and the crew rode on the salamander to cross it. The warriors fought with the crew and Suki facing off Ty Lee. After a long fight, Suki dropped her guard and was disabled with Ty Lee's chi-blocking and commanded the rest of her warriors to cease fighting. The warriros were rounded up next to the river with Ty Lee and crew facing the Kyashi Warriors. Ty Lee asked Suki where the Avatar was but she refused to answer. She took out her knife and was about to use it on Suki when it was hit by Sokka's boomerang. Appa swoped in and knocked Ty Lee and some of the crew into the river with Katara waterbending the rest. Sokka and Katara untied the Kyoshi Warriors. Suki suspected that Ty Lee may not be the leader, who must have followed Appa's trail. Sokka said they need to head back to the abandoned town.
Episodes: Return to Omashu (Sokka/Mai), The Chase (Appa/Ty Lee/Mai), Appa's Lost Days (Suki/Ty Lee)
Zuko crossing a bridge

Zuko raced to the abandoned town just in time for Aang's confrontation with Azula

Zuko, Iroh, and Toph saw the event unfolding in the high grounds. Zuko saw Aang flying into the abandoned town and rode by himself over there. Iroh asked him to wait but Zuko ignored him. Iroh tried to catch up with Zuko but was further behind due to the added weight of Toph riding the same animal with him. At the abandoned town, Aang faced off Azula and exchanged a few lines. Zuko then stepped in between them and joined the conversation. He then stepped closer to Aang but kept facing Azula. Aang asked "Are you expecting me to let you catch me?" Zuko "No, I expect you to RUNNN!!!!" Azula gathered her chi and sent multiple fire attacks towards Aang and Zuko. Aang soon realized that Azula was no ordinary Firebender - she was harder to beat than Zuko as she can create her own fire. Zuko and Aang cannot get close enough to engage her in hand-to-hand combat so they spent most of his time running away, deflecting and dodging her blue fire attacks.
Episodes: The Chase (Aang/Azula/Zuko)
Conflict at Tu Zin

Toph and Iroh showed up just in time to help Zuko corner Azula

Just when they were cornered, Azula's fire attack was blocked by an Earth-barrier erected by Toph. Azula deflected a flame from Iroh and fired another - Iroh skillfully put it away. Azula taunted to Iroh that was getting slower for his age but Iroh said he had numbers on his side. Sure enough, Azula was soon cornered by Iroh, Toph, Aang and Zuko. Aang was shaken with fear. Azula took a gambit and fired at Aang, to which Iroh fell for as he stepped in to protect Aang. Iroh was not able to redirect the flames in time so he was impacted by the blast. Toph whacked the ground beneath Azula so she was thrown into air but used her flames to guide her fall into the woods. As Zuko and Toph attended to Iroh, Iroh saw Appa and the others approaching behind them, then he passed out...
Episodes: The Chase (Toph/Iroh/Aang/Zuko)

Bitter Work / The Drill

Foggy Swamp Tribe

Team Aang took refuge in the Swamp.

Iroh woke up in a small hut and saw Katara tending to him as Toph watched. Toph told Iroh that he has been out for several days. Katara explained she had been using some of the spirit water from the Oasis to heal him. Zuko burst into a hut and ask if Iroh was ok, Katara condensingly told Zuko that Iroh needed to rest and she had done all she could. She thanked Iroh for risking his life to save Aang then stepped out joined others in the Swamp.Other members of the Foggy Swamp Tribe were there as well. Katara told Sokka that Iroh has recovered. Sokka said he did not understand why they had to help Iroh and dragged them along, as he still somewhat blame Iroh for Yue's death. Katara defended Iroh for saving the Northern Water City by betraying the Fire Nation and lost everything. However, she still could not accept Zuko. Like Jet, Suki said she did not trust either of them, as they were Firebenders. [The other Kyoshi Warriors stayed behind for other assignments, which help reduce the load on Appa, who had to carry 3 other passengers]
Episodes: The Swamp (Team Avatar), The Serpent's Pass (Episode) (Suki/Team Avatar,Jet/Zuko), The Drill (Jet/Iroh/Zuko)
Aang's first nightmare

Aang had scary nightmares after his meeting with Azula

Toph explained to Iroh that Team Avatar were traveling to Ba Sing Se as well so she thought it be best if they stick together. She also mentioned that Aang agreed to request the Earth King to grant political asylum to Zuko and Iroh as Fire Nation refugees, in exchange for Toph teaching him Earthbending en route. Iroh asked where Aang was; Toph said he was somewhere in the Swamp communing with the Dragon Spirit. In the Spirit World, Aang told the Dragon that he was gripped by fear after the incident with Azula. [Aang needed to overcome his fear to unlock his Earth Chakra]. The Dragon Spirit offered words of encouragement Aang as he slipped into his nightmares of facing Firelord Ozai. I suggest a nightmare sequence of Sokka played by Dev Patel, Katara played Summer Bishil, Zuko played Jackson Rathbone, and Azula played by Nicola Peltz. 8-)
Episodes: The Desert (Iroh/Fung), The Guru (Aang/Guru Pathik), Nightmares and Daydreams (Aang)
Young Bumi and Aang

Aang told Toph about Bumi, an Earthbending he was close with, a hundred years ago

Aang woke up screaming on Appa, who was already flying in the air. Suki had suggested they take a path less traveled with less Fire Nation road blocks and lookouts. While talking to Aang, Toph asked who this Earthbending master could be. Aang said the Dragon Spirit told him of his vision of someone close to him, but everybody he knew was long dead. An Earthbender that was close to him was Bumi, we see a flashback of Aang and Bumi at Ba Sing Se, while Gyatso and other monks were discussing official matters with the Earth King. Bumi was giving Aang a tour around Ba Sing Se and then had this mischevous idea of snucking under

Lake Laogai to check out the underground river that hydro-powers some parts of the city.

Spinning the serpent

As the airsphere float to the surface, Bumi glimpsed the legendary serpent

At the hydro-power plant underneath, Bumi fell into a water line (like in The Drill scene). Aang jumped and tried to save him. The line lead to the underground river so there was no room to breathe so Aang airbended a sphere to keep them breathing. A few minutes later, the popped out the underneath to Lake Serpent (or Lake Unagi) on the other side and the airsphere emerged to the surface like a bubble. [Lake Serpent is like Lake Loch Ness with a legendary Serpent creature rumored to be seen. It is necessarily lower gradient than Lake Laogai and may connect to the ocean via a wide river]. Bumi caught a glimpse of the rumored Serpent but it ignoringly slipped pass them. On the shores, Aang and Bumi then walked back all the way to Ba Sing Se.
Episodes: The King of Omashu (Young Aang/Young Bumi), The Drill (Aang/Katara), The Serpent's Pass (Aang/Serpent)
Ozai and Azula

Ozai assured Azula she did not fail as her primary mission is to slow down the Avatar, not capture him

Meanwhile, Azula was checking the road blocks at Ferry station (from The Serpent's Pass (Episode)) to see if Aang had passed through there. The commanding soldier stationed there said no, but said he had a message from her father, instructing her to head over to a staging area near Ba Sing Se as soon as possible, as he was personally overseeing the upcoming battle. Azula arrived at the staging area and head over to Ozai's tent. She peeked inside and saw Ozai going over the battle plans with the General. A solider whispered to his ear so he dismissed everyone away. Azula stepped in and knelt before him, and apologize for her failure for not capturing the Avatar. Ozai assured her she had not failed, as her primary mission was not to capture the Avatar but to slow him down, which she had succeeded. He lead her to a large warehouse and showed her inside. He said now that the Avatar took the longer route to Ba Sing Se, this gave them time to use their latest and greatest weapon against the Great Wall of Ba Sing Se.
Episodes: The Serpent's Pass (Ferry station), The Drill (Azula)
Toph teaches Aang

Toph trained Aang until he could Earthbend

Appa set down to rest and Toph said this a good place to start training. Toph was tough on him but eventually got Aang to Earthbend. :-) While Toph was training Aang, Zuko approached Katara to try break the tension between them. Zuko mentioned that he found her necklace at the prison camp. [cue flashback of deleted necklace scenes: Zuko having found the necklace - Aang took it from him after the Blue Spirit incident - Aang returning to her when he came back from the Northern Air Temple] Katara said it belonged to her mother who died.
Katara's necklace

Katara's necklace inherited from her mother had NWT features

Zuko said he understood her loss as he lost his mother as well, then asked if her mother was originally from the Northern Water Tribe. Katara was surprised Zuko was able to deduce that but Zuko explained that Iroh made it point for him to learn about all the other nations, as "people can gain wisdom by understanding each other". Katara then told Zuko the story of Hama and Kya, as told by her father Hakoda. [This is revised from my post at LAF Forum] They arrived to the Southern Water Tribe when Kya was a young teenager, accompanied by Hama as a young adult.
Hakoda: Hi, welcome to our village! My mom Kanna is originally from the North too. I'm Hakoda.
Kya: I'm Kya. I came with Hama.
Hakoda: She's your sister?
Kya: She likes to think so but not really. She's been taking care of me... my mom died at birth...
Hakoda: oh, I'm sorry...
Kya:'s ok. It was a long time ago..
Southern Water Tribe waterbenders

Southern Waterbenders and Hama were captured by the Fire Nation

Hakoda then narrated: "...and that is how I first met your mother. I knew she was the one... from that moment. We married a few years later... but not before the Fire Nation raid that had taken Hama and the other waterbenders..." We then flash forward to action scenes of SWT waterbenders fending off the the fire nation soldiers. Hama was the last one standing. She dropped her necklace. Hama was knocked down. Soldiers dragged her away as Kya watched. Hakoda put his hands on her shoulder to comfort her. Kya reached down and picked up Hama's necklace. Back to Katara, she then asked why Zuko couldn't create fire like Iroh and his sister. Zuko said that according to his uncle, he was unable to let go of his shame and "true humility is the only antitode to shame". However, his life "has been nothing but humbling lately". [Azula overcame her shame (hence could chi-fire) after the death of her mother - which gave Ozai the right of succession (as her guardian) over Iroh. Ozai was ashamed of Zuko so he banished him. Iroh's greatest shame was his military defeat but overcome it with his love and pride for Zuko]. Katara said she presumed that Zuko intended to overcome his shame by capturing the Avatar but warned him that she will not let to anything happen to Aang. She then she stood up and walked away from Zuko.
Episodes: Bitter Work (Aang/Toph,Zuko/Iroh), The Puppetmaster (Kanna/Hama), The Southern Raiders (Kya)
Fire Nation drill

Instead of Aang and the others, Long and his Dai Li faced the Fire Nation Drill and emerged victiorious

Ba Sing Se may be under siege prior to this, with the Fire Nation setting up road blocks all over the place. Unlike The Drill episode, I think Long Feng and his Dai Li will take down the Drill instead of Aang and Katara, to expand their role hence on-screen presence. Likewise with Ozai, he will oversee the operation (instead of Azula) from a distance at the staging area. With the Wall of Ba Sing Se impenetrable even without the help of the Avatar, it will emphasize that Ba Sing Se fell not because outside forces but from within. To make things interesting, they may be more than one drill. In the end, the drill or drills were neutralized. The rest of the Fire Nation soldiers pulled back to their staging area, while Long Feng and his Dai Li breached the main Drill where the General surrendered.
Episodes: The Drill (Aang/Katara/Sokka)

Tales of Ba Sing Se

Destroyed drill

Team Avatar flew on Appa to Wall of Ba Sing Se, and saw the aftermath of the battle

Team Avatar flew on Appa over Lake Serpent and saw the aftermath of the battle. They set down on the wall and requested to meet the Earth King. The Council of Five escorted Team Avatar and presented them to the Earth King. [Unlike the animated series, the Ba Sing Se had not turned into a police state... yet. That will be after the coup has taken place] Aang told the King that he was the Avatar and had mastered Air and Water so he had to learn Earth next from the greatest Earthbender in Ba Sing Se. The King told him that Long Feng was the one but he was currently on a mission to negotiate terms with the Fire Nation so he suggested them to stay at Ba Sing Se and arranged for accomodations. As promised to Toph, Aang also requested the Earth King for political Asylum for Lee (Zuko) and Jeong Jeong (Iroh) to which the King granted, not knowing they were related to Ozai himself.
Episodes: The Drill (Zuko/Iroh/Ba Sing Se), The Earth King (Aang/Earth King)
Long Feng submits

Long Feng met with Ozai to negotiate terms on behalf of the Earth King

Long Feng and a few of his Dai Li, took the General and several Fire Nation prisoners, some men dressed as Fire Nation refegees (red on white clothing), and headed over to the staging area. On the other side, the Fire Nation soldiers stationed checked them and escorted them to see Ozai. Long Feng bowed to Ozai and told him he came to negotiate terms on behalf of the Earth King. As a peace offering, he presented the General and some of high-ranking men he had captured. Ozai thanked the Earth King for his generosity then burned the General with his black flames into crisp. Ozai told his soldiers to take the other high-ranking men away.
Long Feng and Dai Li agents

Long Feng offered Ba Sing Se to Ozai (as a puppet state), in return for supporting his coup operation

Ozai told Long Feng he will not tolerate failure and will not stop until Ba Sing Se fall under his control. Long Feng noted that his men had defeated his latest and greatest weapon, and will continue to do so, even without the help of the Avatar. He then asked why fight for Ba Sing Se, when others were willing to give to it him. Ozai smiled slyly and asked Long Feng how he can be trusted. The Fire Nation refugees then unhooded themselves to reveal a few more Dai Li agents. Long Feng offered a few of his best agents as a guarantee, and Ozai can send Fire Nation operatives for his choosing into Ba Sing Se to coordinate the coup with his Dai Li, in the guise of Fire Nation refugees.
Episodes: The Guru (Azula and crew/Long Feng and Dai Li)
Iroh and Zuko in tea shop

Iroh, with Zuko assisting him, had set up a teashop, which became famous

Iroh set up a tea stop at the Fire Nation district within Ba Sing Se, with Zuko as his assistant (and possibly Toph as his first customer :-) Katara and Sokka were browsing the district when one of the refugees, a hooded elderly lady with long fingernails, took a note of her necklace. Katara turned towards her but she was gone. [Sokka may be introduced to the Fire Nation swords on the market - to foreshadow Piandao] Toph had to teach Aang at Ba Sing Se, while waiting for Long Feng and his men to come back from their mission. Suki offered to stay with Team Avatar to make sure nothing happens to Aang, and also to keep an eye on Iroh and Zuko whom she did not trust. Sokka and Suki feelings for each other grew but Sokka could not let go of Yue.
Episodes: City of Walls and Secrets (Jet/Zuko/Iroh) The Serpent's Pass (Sokka/Suki)
Jin asks Zuko out

Ty Lee, disguised as a Fire Nation refugee named Jin, met with "Lee"

Long Feng came back with his men and the Fire Nation operatives disguised as refugees. As a close-up, we see that the chosen operatives were Azula and the elite members of her crew, including Ty Lee. Long Feng wanted to discuss the coup with Azula alone (without his agents and her crew) so Azula told her crew to scout the area and to regularly check back at their HQ. Ty Lee entered the Fire Nation district and noted that it is like back home at the Fire Nation except everyone is wearing white clothing instead of black. She had fun checking out the shops and merchandise. One day, she spotted the famous tea-shop. She walked in and found cute-looking assistant (i.e. Zuko). Zuko thought she was sent by "authorities" to spy on him but Iroh figured she was genuinely interested in him so urged him to approach her.
Ty Lee: My name's Jin
Zuko: I'm Lee.
Ty Lee: Ooohh... just like my name.
Zuko: huh?
Episodes: Return to Omashu (Azula/her crew/Mai/Ty Lee), The Tales of Ba Sing Se (Zuko/Jin)
Toph, Katara, and Long Feng

Long Feng scoffed that a "mere child" had been teaching Earthbending to the Avatar

Aang told Long Feng that the Earth King said he is the best person to teach him Earthbending. Long Feng said he was happy to teach Aang but not Toph, and scoffed at the thought of a "mere child" to have been teaching the Avatar. [We can have a mix of Pakku's sexism scene from The Waterbending Master (Toph/Long Feng instead of Katara/Pakku) and the duel from The King of Omashu (Toph/Long Feng instead of Aang/Bumi) which ended in a stand-off]. Long Feng affirmed he will not teach Toph for now but assured her that he will take the time to strongly reconsider his decision. Aang asked if Long Feng can teach him metalbending. Long Feng laughed, saying that he has never seen any Earthbender being able to bend metal.
Episodes: The King of Omashu (Aang/Bumi), The Waterbending Master (Katara/Pakku)
Ty Lee joins Azula

Ty Lee told her about "Lee". Azula suspected he might be Zuko

Ty Lee entered the HQ where Azula and her crew were discussing the plans. Azula sternly noted that Ty Lee was late but Ty Lee was perkier than usual.
Ty Lee: Zula, zula. I met this cute guy at the Fire Nation district
Azula: Uh-huh (somewhat disinterested)
Ty Lee: We had a great time going out. It's sad how about the scar on the left side of his face... I can't wait to see him again.
Azula: ... You don't say ... When did you say you are meeting him again?
Firelight Fountain

Toph and Suki followed Zuko and Ty Lee to their new special meeting place

Toph was bored as she had nothing to do with Long Feng teaching Earthbending to Aang. She talked to Katara about looking for her Bei Fong relatives that may still be at Ba Sing Se, but what she was really interested was to spy on Zuko and his new "girlfriend" :-) after overhearing Ty Lee suggesting to Zuko of a new "meeting place". While following Zuko and Ty Lee, she was joined with Suki who had secretly been tailing Zuko. Suki suspected that Ty Lee was the same girl that she fought with and Zuko may be conspiring with her to betray Aang. At the meeting place, they thought they were alone, but then Azula and the crew showed up. Ty Lee was surprised to see them.
Zuko and Jin

Zuko and Ty Lee K-I-S-S-I-N-G :-)

Zuko: Azula...
Ty Lee: You know her? (surprised)
Azula: I thought it might be you, Zuko
Zuko: (turned to Ty Lee) You tricked me. How could you do this to me?!
Ty Lee: I don't understand... I thought your name is Lee...
After a few more exchanges among them, Azula's crew apprehended Zuko and took him away as Ty Lee stood and watched, still in shock. Azula apologized to Ty Lee for not letting her in the plan but Azula wanted Ty Lee to be "convincing". Azula then told Ty Lee to "go home".
Episodes: City of Walls and Secrets (Zuko/Jet), The Tales of Ba Sing Se (Zuko/Jin), Crossroads of Destiny (Zuko/Azula)
Long Feng and Azula

Long Feng heard of Azula's little "side operation"

Toph wanted to follow Zuko but Suki convinced her it was better to follow Azula instead. Eventually, they entered the secret headquarters of the Dai Li underneath Lake Laogai. Long Feng spoke to Azula, said he heard from his Dai Li of her little "side operation" and would appreciate it if she coordinate such things with him first. Azula countered that it was a Fire Nation business, as Zuko and Iroh were dangerous and wanted fugitives of the Fire Nation. Long Feng said that may be so but they were friends of the Avatar and would draw too much attention to the coup - they needed to do something about this. Toph then sensed Dai Li were on to them. She motioned Suki to pull out but eventually they were both caught. Long Feng told Azula that he'll be taking care of this and dismissed her. He then told his agents to take Suki away as well so he talk to Toph himself.
Kyoshi and Chin

Avatar Kyoshi had "betrayed" the Earthbenders by siding with the Earth King instead of Chin

Long Feng said he was impressed by Toph's Earthbending skills, despite her "unusual" fighting forms, and invited her to join him. Toph angrily asked how he could betray his people. Long Fong shot back he was fighting for his people, the Earthbenders. He then told Toph the story of Chin The Conqueror who defied the Earth King, a non-Earthbender. Like Chin, Long Feng believed the Earthbender minority should rule over the non-Earthbender majority, just like the Fire Nation ruling system. Avatar Kyoshi betrayed the Earthbenders, by siding with the Earth King so Aang was a threat to him as well. He said he rather serve under a Firebender like Ozai than a non-bender like the Earth King. Long Feng asked Toph to join him again, [possibly conceding that they got lucky with the drill and eventually Fire Nation will come up with better weapon and "we need to be on the winning side"] but she again refused and stood her ground. Long Feng then suggested she was too "stubborn" to be brainwashed so he ordered his Dai Li to throw her into a metal dungeon.
Episodes: The Guru (Azula/Long Feng), Avatar Day (Kyoshi/Chin)
Aang talks with Bumi

Toph was thrown into the same metal dungeon as Bumi

At the metal dungeon, Toph tried to break out but she could not and there were no sources of Earth she could use. She stepped back and said "Why don't you show yourself. I can hear you, you know." A voice behind her said "I would, but I am kind of tied up for the moment." Toph then narrated, "And that is when I got thrown into this dungeon and met you." as all this time, the narration was actually her exposition to Bumi. [Bumi will be in the shadows, his face not fully shown until the third (for fourth) movie, so he needs to be either played by a stand-in actor or an actor with a prominent voice like George Takei or Lawrence Fishburne or Michael Jai White :-]
Episodes: Return to Omashu (Aang/Bumi), The Guru (Toph/Xin Fu/Master Yu)

The Crossroads of Destiny

Team Avatar's Upper Ring house

Iroh showed up at the house for Team Avatar

In the morning, Iroh showed up at the house where Katara and Sokka was staying and told her that Zuko was missing [for a day? several day? or several weeks?]. He considered he might have eloped (or went missing like last time in the Blue Spirit story of the first movie) but he was getting worried. Katara also mentioned they haven't seen Toph for a while - last she heard from Toph, she went out to find her other Bei Fong relatives. They head over to Aang who was training with the Long Feng and his Dai Li. Aang requested to be excused to search for his friends but Long Feng assured him there is probably nothing to worry about. As they moved out of sight, Long Feng noted to his aide that how difficult it was teach Aang the "correct" form (after being taught by Toph) but soon, it won't matter. He then told his aide to commence the operation.
Episodes: The Crossroads of Destiny (Iroh/Team Avatar)
Azula instructs Dai Li agents

Long Feng and Azula briefing the coup plan about to commence

Toph had been training in her cell, instructed by Bumi. Bumi used his voice to teach her new forms but left it up to her to incorporate them in her existing forms as "Each one of us is different so each one of us have his own correct form. When one has reached maturity in the art of Earthbending, one will have a formless form. When one has no form, one can be all forms." Bruce Lee quote Toph said Bumi was a better teacher than Long Feng. Bumi thanked her for the compliment and told her he used to work alongside Long Feng. Toph then asked Bumi why Long Feng had him locked up. Bumi said for the same reason he locked up Toph: to take out those deemed a threat to him and and his eventual coup. Long Feng had accused him of treachery to the Earth King. Bumi did not contest the charges against him so he was thrown into the metal dungeon. Toph found that strange but before she could inquire further, she heard chatter down the pipes. Bumi said the Long Feng and Azula were addressing the Dai Li and her team on the coup operation that was about to start. He then said Toph was ready for his final lesson...
Episodes: The Crossroads of Destiny (Long Feng/Azula/Dai Li)
Aang evades Jet

The lead Dai Li invited Suki to Lake Laogai. Sokka had to fight her.

Team Avatar met with Suki, who told them that Toph found his relatives somewhere in the city. Zuko also left with a girl. After hours of searching, Sokka noticed something is off with Suki. Later, he concluded that she was brainwashed and managed to have her recall bits and pieces of what had happened. Suki told them Toph was captured and Zuko was taken by Azula. She told them about the coup. Aang found hard to accept that Long Feng was behind the coup. Sokka said the Earth King was in danger and must be warned. Just then, the Dai Li dropped in and surrounded Team Avatar. Sokka thought they could take them all out, then one of the lead Dai Li invited Suki to Lake Laogai.
Dai Li intervenes

The Dai Li fought with Team Avatar, then left after others showed up

Suki turned against Team Avatar - Sokka had to fight with her while the others to handle the Dai Li. Eventually, Sokka managed to snap Suki out of it, so she turned to attack the lead Dai Li who unleashed a powerful Earthbending attack against her. Suki was knocked against the wall. The lead Dai Li was about to unleash another attack when his head was knocked with a vase full of water, apparently thrown by the elderly Fire Nation refugee lady Katara saw earlier. The fight had attracted the attention of passer-bys including some Fire Nation refugees, so the Dai Li pulled out. The lady told Team Avatar to go while she care for Suki. Suki told Sokka that she "will be fine". Team Avatar rode on Appa and head towards the palace.
Episodes: Lake Laogai (Jet/Team Avatar/Dai Li)
Ascending the palace stairs

Team Avatar had to fight off the Earth Kingdom soldiers to save the Earth King

While Team Avatar was distracted searching for Toph and Zuko, Long Feng used the opportunity to execute the coup, assasinating the Council of Five and about to move into the palace to capture the Earth King when he saw Appa heading his way. He told the Earth Kingdom soldiers that the Avatar was a Fire Nation imposter and commanded them to protect the Earth King. Team Avatar (Aang, Sokka, Katara, Iroh, Appa) had fight off the soldiers to storm into the palace. Inside the palace, the Team Avatar met up with Long Feng, Azula, Ty Lee and her crew. They were too late: Azula held the Earth King at knife point and told everyone to surrender. Azula then told Ty Lee to chi-block Katara and Iroh and to make Aang unconscious. The Dai Li tied up Appa and took him away as he moaned away in sadness.
Episodes: The Earth King (Team Avatar/Earth Kingdom), The Crossroads of Destiny (Azula/Earth King), Appa's Lost Days (Long Feng/Dai Li/Appa)
Discovering metalbending

Toph metalbended by locking into traces of carbon in steel alloy

Bumi said to Toph that all elements one and the same and differences among them are an illusion. Metal was nothing more than refined Earth. Metal by itself is ductile. To make steel, iron has to mixed with charcoal (carbon) so there are always traces of Earth in steel. That is the key to metalbending. After several tries, Toph managed to "see" the traces of Earth, and finally able to bend the metal to her will. She tore the metal door open and about to free Bumi but he refused. Toph was confused why he would stay imprisoned even though he knew how to metalbend, or why he did not defend himself from accusation when had his chance.
Toph metalbending

Toph tore the metal door open and about to free Bumi but he refused

Bumi explained to her the concept of Jing. If he attacked Long Feng (positive Jing), the Earth Kingdom people will consider Bumi the enemy and rally to Long Feng side, unaware or in denial of the misery he would cause. If he ran away (negative Jing), Bumi would lose his tactical advantage, within the impenetrable wall of Ba Sing Se. The best place to be was to remain imprisoned (neutral Jing), wait until the Earth King people realize for themselves they need to someone to lead them against Long Feng. He needed to be here, while Toph needed to be out there and save Aang.
Aang and Toph

Bumi pointed out the Dragon Spirit's vision may be about Toph - as she was also close to Aang

Toph couldn't accept that and said that Aang need him too, as the Dragon Spirit said the Earthbending master who will teach Aang was in Ba Sing Se, able to metalbend, and was someone close to him. She was convinced it had to be Bumi, but Bumi asked had she considered the Dragon Spirit may be talking about her? Toph was in Ba Sing Se, was also able to metalbend, and someone close to Aang. She was someone who listen to the Earth. Bumi assured her that Toph of all people was worthy to teach Earthbending to the Avatar, and he would be honored if she were to continue to teach Aang in his place. He told Toph to say hello to his "dear old friend" and to head over to the Crystal Catacombs.
Episodes: Return to Omashu (Aang/Bumi), The Swamp (vision of Toph), The Guru (Toph/Xin Fu/Yu)
Old Ba Sing Se

At the Crystal Catacombs, Aang was about to be "frozen again" with Jennomite Crystals

In the Catacombs, Iroh was reunited with Zuko. They were lined up Sokka and Katara, facing Aang who was tied to a crucifix. Azula explained to them that she cannot kill the Avatar as he would be reborn again so the plan is to put him into suspended animation with the Jennomite crystals (ala Han Solo frozen in carbonite). Long Feng put the crystal on Aang so it slowly covered him. Unbeknownst to them, the Catacombs was another spiritual place. Aang met with the Dragon Spirit again. The Dragon Spirit warned that if the Avatar was suspended again, nothing will be able to stop the Fire Nation. Aang gripped by fear. The Dragon told Aang to escape through underground river as someone will be waiting to save him, but he must overcome his fear in order for him and others to survive. Aang fear was soon overpowered by his concern for others survival.
Episodes: The King of Omashu (Jennomite Crystals), The Crossroads of Destiny (Crystal Catacombs scene)
Aang's crystal armor

Aang unlocked his Earth Chakra and fought the Long Feng and his Dai Li

Toph burst into the Catacombs and fought some Dai Li. Iroh used this distraction to knock the other Dai Li with his Firebending - unknown to Ty Lee, Iroh faked being chi-blocked. Sokka and Katara (without Waterbending) fought the other Dai Li to get to Aang. Just then, Aang eyes and tattoos began to glow, the crystals instead of encasing him, quickly covered him into a crystal armor. He then fought dozens of Dai Lis with multiple crystals. Azula was about to launch a powerful fireblast at Aang's back when Iroh stepped in to grab her hand, redirected her chi upwards, and then kicked her aside. The redirected fireblast started a cave-in - Aang over-exerted himself to secure the structural integrity of the cave with the surrounding crystals so Katara grabbed him as he collasped. Toph told them she knows another way out (though Lake Laogai). Sokka put Aang over his shoulder and followed Toph and Katara. The remaining Dai Li emerged from the rubble and were heading their way so Iroh told Toph to seal the path behind her. Toph hesistated, but then did as instructed. Iroh and Zuko then guarded the blocked path.
Episodes: The Avatar State (Iroh/Azula), The Crossroads of Destiny (Aang/Dai Li)
Iroh and Zuko

Iroh and Zuko blocked the path from Azula and her crew

Long Feng said that the only one way out for Team Avatar was through Lake Laogai. He and his Dai Li head to surface to cut them off, leaving Azula and crew to deal with Iroh and Zuko. Azula said to Iroh he no longer had numbers by his side, but Iroh told her "don't be so sure". Azula said he was probably right then persuaded Zuko to surrender, hence turn against his uncle. She convinced Zuko that the Avatar had no way of escaping so he was as good as caught. She offered to give him credit for capturing the Avatar in exchanging for her to capture Iroh the deserter and traitor to the Fire Nation. Zuko can return to his father and Fire Nation as a hero or share the same fate as his uncle. Iroh pled Zuko to ignore Azula and to chose his own destiny but in the end, Zuko succumbed. He surrendered and watch in despair as Iroh was also apprehended.
Episodes: The Crossroads of Destiny (Iroh/Zuko/Azula)
Team Avatar vs. Dai Li

The Dai Li had caught up with Aang and the others

Team Avatar entered the main hall underneath Lake Laogai and about the go through the other entrance (that connects to the surface of Lake Laogai) when the elderly lady showed up. Suki had told the lady about Lake Laogai. At the entrance, the lady saw Dai Li agents heading her way and blocked the other entrance but that may not buy them enough time. Aang weakly said the the Dragon Spirit told him to get the other lake - though the hydro-power plant underneath Lake Laogai. The lady said she saw the door to the plant along the way; she lead them to there but the door to it was all chained up. They were backed against the door when Long Feng and his Dai Li caught up with them. Long Feng demanded that they surrender. He noted that Katara cannot Waterbend - even if she could there are no Water nearby, Sokka had to guard Aang, which leaves only Toph and "an old Fire Nation woman" to stop him and his agents.
Hama waterbends

The elderly Fire Nation lady revealed herself to be Hama of the Southern Water Tribe

The lady stepped forward and unhooded herself and told Long Feng "I am not who you think I am. I am not from the Fire Nation. I am from the Southern Water Tribe". Hama gathered moisture from thin air to grow a water sphere in front here. Long Feng was astounded but then urgently told his men to attack. Hama and Toph dealt with the Dai Li while Sokka and Katara tried to get the door open. Katara said the chains needed to be cut so Hama briefly turned and sliced the chains with high-speed water. Toph used her metalbending to pull the chains apart and push the door open.
Episodes: The Crossroads of Destiny (Team Avatar/Dai Li), The Puppetmaster (Hama)

The Serpent spat them all out, bowed to Aang before it swam away...

The door lead to drop to a fast-moving underground river, to which they all jumped in. Since Aang was too weak to bend, Toph told Hama to push the water aside as they were swept into the tunnel to keep them breathing as long as possible. A few minutes later, they all emerged underneath the other side to the other lake. They were still submerged and their air bubble escaped to surface without them (i.e. Hama and Katara were unable to use Waterbending to contain the air). They almost to point of drowning when the Serpent swallowed them all and head to the surface across the Serpent's Pass, away from the Fire Nation fleet. At a shore, the Serpent spat them all out; they were all coughing and breathing. They watched in amazement as the legendary Serpent bowed to Aang before it swam away.
Episodes: The Serpent's Pass (Team Avatar/Serpent), The Drill (Aang/Katara/Water Line)


Full Ozai

Firelord Ozai stared down at the Earth King, then finished him off with his black flames

The ending scene took place at footstep of the palace. Dai Li had brought down the Wall of Ba Sing Se, allowing Firelord Ozai and his army to march through as the residents watched in fear. Zuko and Azula were side-by-side and bowed to their father. In her voice-over exposition to Zuko, Azula said "You have made the right choice, Zuko. With the capture of the Avatar, you can return to the Fire Nation as a hero, to our Father. Our traitorous uncle will be taken to Fire Nation as well to meet his fate, along with the Avatar's bison creature. You did not betray Uncle Iroh. It was he who betrayed you and our people." Zuko and Azula stepped aside as Long Feng approached with his men holding the Earth King behind him. Earth King was thrown to Ozai's feet. The Firelord stared him down, then finished him off with his black flames as the screen cuts to black. Ursa's voice was heard in the darkness: "The Earth Kingdom... had fallen."
Episodes: The Crossroads of Destiny (Azula/Zuko) The Awakening (Dai Li/Wall of Ba Sing Se)

Book 3: Fire

The gAang including Hama traveled to Fire Nation disguised as colonials to find Appa and Firebending master for Aang, the captured deserter Iroh. The Avatar was believed to captured in the world, encased in Jennomite. When Azula presented Zuko's capture to Ozai, Zuko noticed that the boy in suspended animation is not Aang. At one point, Zuko overcame his shame which allowed him to master chi-fire.

Book 4: Air

Aang and Momo traveled to the Eastern Air Temple (or Western Air Temple) and found Teo, The Mechanist and others. The Dragon Spirit advised him to go there to overcome his grief to unlock his Air Chakra. Iroh, Pakku, and Bumi form an alliance of the four nations (i.e. the White Lotus). Iroh's men wore red on white while Ozai's remain red on black. During Sozin's Comet, Ozai carpet firebombed the Earth Kingdom with his fleet of airships. Aang managed to get the Air gliders to join the fight and provide aerial support. After Ozai was defeated, they all went to the Fire Nation palace. Rather than get the soldiers into another bloody conflict, Zuko challenged Azula into Agni ki Duel. Katara was Zuko's squire while Ty Lee was Azula's squire; but both cannot take part in the duel. Zuko won but Azula cheated in the last moment so he was knocked out. Azula was taken down and Katara revived Zuko with the spirit water. When Zuko recovered from his bed a week later, Ty Lee helped him to get to the balcony to greet his people. The Fire Nation people had all wore red (i.e. not red on white or red on black). Ty Lee took Zuko to Iroh's tea shop in the city nearby. Aang was with Katara.


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