Part 1

"The Boy in the Iceberg"

  1. What special ability does Katara possess (i.e. have)?
    1. Waterbending
    2. Earthbending
    3. Firebending
    4. None of the Above
  1. Fill-in the BLANK: "Firebending comes from the ______, not the muscles."
    1. Heart
    2. Breath
    3. Mouth
    4. Stomach
  1. How long was Aang trapped in the Iceberg?
    1. 1 year
    2. 50 years
    3. 100 years
    4. 200 years

"The Avatar Returns"

  1. What does Sokka do to Aang after he and Katara return from the Fire Nation shipwreck?
    1. Shakes his hand for ring back Katara safely
    2. Allows Aang to stay in the village
    3. Banishes Aang from the Village
    4. Yells at Aang for not taking him along
  1. Where is destination that Team Avatar are headed to?
    1. A Tropical Island
    2. The Fire Nation
    3. Ba Sing Se
    4. The North Pole

"The Southern Air Temple"

  1. Why did Prince Zuko come to the Fire Nation harbor?
    1. He got sea-sick
    2. He retired himself from from hunting the Avatar
    3. He needed repairs on his ship
    4. To attend his birthday party
  1. What did Aang uses for the campfire the previous night?
    1. Wood
    2. Blubbered Seal Jerky
    3. Bacon
    4. Fire
  1. Who is the Avatar before Aang?
    1. Kyoshi
    2. Yangchen
    3. Roku
    4. Kuruk
  1. What is an "Agni-kai"?
    1. a Fire Duel
    2. a Fist Fight
    3. a Sword Duel
    4. a Tea Party

"The Warriors of Kyoshi"

  1. What is the name of the island that Team Avatar stops at?
    1. Ember Island
    2. Air Temple Island
    3. Hing Wa Island
    4. Kyoshi Island
  1. What does Oyaji say at the end of the episode?
    1. "Bye Avatar"
    2. "Thank you, Avatar"
    3. "See you tomorrow"
    4. Nothing

"The King of Omashu"

  1. Aang describe the people of Omashu as:
    1. Scary
    2. Friendly
    3. Shy
    4. Emotional
  1. Fill-in the BLANK: "Instead of seeing what they want you to see, you got to open your brain to the ____________."
    1. World
    2. North Pole
    3. Food
    4. Possibilities
  1. How many tasks does the King of Omashu give Aang?
    1. 1
    2. 2
    3. 3
    4. 4
  1. What is the name of the King of Omashu?
    1. Kuzon
    2. Ozai
    3. Bumi
    4. Shyu


  1. What special ability does Haru possess (i.e. have)?
    1. Waterbending
    2. Earthbending
    3. Firebending
    4. None of the above
  1. What does Katara loose at the end of the episode?
    1. Her hand-cream
    2. Her mother's necklace
    3. Her courage
    4. Everything

"Winter Solstice Part 1: The Spirit World"

  1. What happened to the forest?
    1. it was destroyed by sprits
    2. it is a shelter for the Earth Kingdom
    3. it got burned down by the Fire Nation
    4. it's trees grew taller
  1. What is Iroh doing?
    1. enjoying a ice-cold drink
    2. relaxing in a self-heated Jacuzzi
    3. having Ginseng tea
    4. telling the tale of his 600 day siege of Ba Sing Se
  1. Who captures Iroh?
    1. Fire Nation soldiers
    2. Earth Kingdom soldiers
    3. the Kyoshi Warriors
    4. Team Avatar
  1. To whom does the spirit Dragon belong to?
    1. Fire Lord Sozin
    2. Aang
    3. Roku
    4. Unnamed fire Avatar

"The Winter Solstice Part 2: Avatar Roku"

  1. What is the obstacle in front of Team Avatar and Prince Zuko?
    1. a Fire Navy blockade
    2. a storm
    3. a maze
    4. fog
  1. Why didn't Zhao arrest Prince Zuko?
    1. He knew Zuko would lead him to the Avatar
    2. He knew Zuko would capture the Avatar and he wanted Zuko to have his "honor" back
    3. He didn't see Zuko pass the Fire Navy Blockade
    4. He thinks the Zuko captured the Avatar
  1. Fill-in the BLANK: "We are the ________. Guardians of the temple of the Avatar."
    1. previous fire Avatars
    2. Fire Sages
    3. Sun Warriors
    4. Fire Lord's royal guards
  1. What did Avatar Roku want to talk to Aang about?
    1. mastering all four bending elemnets and a comet
    2. going to Ba Sing Se and settling down there
    3. what a good job Aang's doing as the Avatar
    4. the era of the Avatar is over

"The Waterbending Scroll"

  1. What element does Aang start to master?
    1. Waterbending
    2. Earthbending
    3. Firebending
    4. All elements
  1. Fill-in the BLANK: "Perhaps I can interest you in some exotic ______?"
    1. beads
    2. jewls
    3. curios
    4. clothes
  1. Where was Iroh's White Lotus tile?
    1. on Zuko's ship
    2. in his handbag
    3. up his sleeve
    4. in the ocean


  1. What does Sokka decide to follow...
    1. his boomerang
    2. his instincts
    3. his stomach
    4. his attitude
  1. How old was Jet when his parents were killed by the Fire Nation?
    1. 5 years old
    2. 8 years old
    3. 10 years old
    4. 12 years old
  1. Fill-in the BLANK: "I can't believe I trusted you. You lied to me, you're ________ and I trusted you!"
    1. insane
    2. sick
    3. a monster
    4. crazy

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