So, this wiki just floated across my tumblr dash.

Now, before anyone rushes to be offended, I am NOT wanting to declare some petty war. I'm here to point out that the thing exists.

And more importantly, I think this is a perfect solution to past problems!

I haven't exactly been on the up and up with the drama. I assume that there's been a lot of tension between what is or isn't a ship, perhaps with some debates about lgbt ships, edit wars, so on and so forth. This has been especially exascerbated by the debates about what is a ship worthy of the canonical shipping page and what goes on the fanon shipping page.

It might be tempting to get into a flailing war with the Avatar Shipping Wiki, since it seems to have been partially born out of people being disgruntled about policy here. But this is the perfect opportunity for these two wikis to put differences aside and to work together. We can simply point people to the Avatar Shipping Wiki for more details about each ship. A simple header at the top of the shipping pages and a declaration of goodwill would be a pretty amazing step forward, I think. If we can work together on this, EVERYONE will end up happier.

Weary editors here won't have to deal with edit wars. And weary editors there won't have to feel like their favourite ships are getting ignored. It's a win-win situation.

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