There is a new avatar seires!!!!,called Avatar: Legend of Korra.The new avatar is of course is named Korra. I'm happy and excited. when I heard I went OMGG. the story is to be taken placed during 70 years after Sozen's Comet. By that time Katara and Avatar Aang got married and had a son named Tenzin. Who was name after monk Gyatso. Aangs mentor before he got trapped in a ice berge for a hundred years. 70 years later Aang dies and he is recarnated. His next life is Korra who is has all ready mastered Water Bending,Earth Bending,and Fire Bending. Now she just needs to master Air Bending. The new problem that is starting to turn the world up side down is a bending rebellon is going on in the Republic City which is where Tenzin lives. You can gusse there is going to be problem there.

The show might be showing May,2011. There are rumors that there will be flashbacks. Avatar Aang will be Korra's mentor just as Roku was to Aang.

Korra is gussed to be 16-19 my gusse is 17. but that is just a gusse. She is from the Southern Water Tribe not the Northern Water Tribe.

I think it would be intresting if she was born in the northern water tribe. I mean think about it they don't have women water benders and the women that they do they are taut Healing.

Tenzin is the only airbender in the world. OH WAIT JUST IN TENZIN ISN'T THE ONY ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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