With my first blog post being somewhat serious and only causing more heat about the shipping debate, I decided to start something a little more lighthearted: A series of posts about different TV Tropes and how they apply to the Avatar universe. I love TV Tropes and the first one I'm going to talk about is the "Shipper on Deck" trope. If you don't know what a Shipper on Deck is, it's pretty much a character in-universe who ships two other charactes together. I realize that the website has its own sections on Avatar for that trope, but it missed some moments and I thought that it would be fun to elaborate on them. Please let me know if you think I missed any "Shipper on Deck" moments.

Avatar: The Last Airbender


  • Toph shipped this at some point, probably after she met him before the invasion. When Katara prepares to show a portrait of baby Ozai to the group, Toph exclaims that it's a relationship with Haru that she is revealing.


  • Toph seems to ship this after witnessing their interactions in Lake Laogai. She pokes fun at Katara's past relationship with Jet and remarks that Katara is lying when she denies it.
  • Although Sokka was against it when they first met, he seems to be on board when they are in Ba Sing Se. He suggests that Katara kiss Jet to help the latter jog his memory.


  • In The Avatar Returns, Sokka tells Katara that they are going to go save her boyfriend. As soon as she tries to deny this, he interrupts with a "whatever." Sokka also picks on Aang for his crush on Katara in The Fortuneteller. "Smoochie, smoochie, someone's in love!"
  • The prisoners that Aang spends time chatting with in Avatar Day seem to ship Kataang as well. They assured Aang that Katara would eventually come around when the former complained about having trouble with getting her to notice him.


  • Sokka seemed to ship this in The Fortuneteller. When Aang revealed that he had a crush, Sokka assumed that it was Meng. He was completely supportive and tried to help Aang get with her.


  • When they are all children, Azula and Ty Lee board the S.S. Maiko as soon as they notice Mai's crush on Zuko. They set up a plan to force Zuko to tackle Mai. It works and Mai is not pleased about it.


  • June seems to ship this and it excited so many Zutarians that they dubbed her "Saint June." As soon as Sokka gives her Katara's necklace, she remarks that he lost his girlfriend. When they find her, she tells Zuko that she must have left because she's too good for them. Zuko and Katara return to her months later and she assumes that they worked things out.
  • Playwright Pu-on Tim definitely seems to ship Zutara as well. He portrayed thim as a couple in his play while portraying Aang and Katara as having a sibling-like bond.

The Legend of Korra


  • Mako ships it as soon as he notices Opal's crush on Bolin. Bolin is not sure if he's really that interested until Mako teases him for liking crazy princesses and tsundere actresses.
  • Varrick seems to be to be on board with this ship as well when planning the movie Bolin. He plans on having them as the endgame pairing of that movie if he ever makes it.


  • Mako of all people seems to ship this at the start of the series. Besides his initial assumption that Korra is one of Bolin's fangirls, he also assumes that "lovebird" is paying Korra a visit in The Revelation. He seems to stop shipping this by the time that Bolin talks about his interest in her because he thinks that dating a teammate is a bad idea.


  • Korra may have shipped because she tells Jinora to try and locate him using her "connection" with him. Tenzin is clueless as to what this "connection" is. Korra might have noticed Jinora's crush on Kai beforehand.
  • Bolin fangirls fanboys when he sees Jinora kiss Kai which makes the latter blush. Bolin exclaims that Tenzin will not be happy with this but complains that it's too juicy to stay quiet about.
  • Yung seems to ship Kainora. When Tenzin goes to look for Jinora, Yung tells him that she flew off with her boyfriend. Tenzin is flustered and realizes that he means Kai.


  • Jinora and Ikki ship this. They both are excited when they first get to see the Firebender who drives Korra crazy. Jinora later asks Korra how things are going with them. When Korra tells them that Mako is dating Asami, they give her advice.
  • Yin ships this and Masami, asking why Mako isn't dating Korra or Asami. Years later, while listening to Mako tell Wu about how his relationship with Korra started, she asked him if they lived happily ever after.


  • Yin ships this along with Makorra after meeting both Asami and Korra, thinking that he should be dating one of them. When Mako is talking about his love triangle three years later, she scolds him for kissing Korra (back) while he was dating Asami.


  • Ikki finds Meelo flirting with Tuyen and is so excited. She announces that Meelo has a girlfriend.


  • Bolin might ship this. When making up stories about Ghazan, he suggested that there might be an unspoken attraction between him and Ming-Hua. It is unknown if Bolin was actually correct, but he seemed to think it was.

And there you have it folks. Shipping even exists in-universe.

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