"You just make me so dang happy!"
— Varrick to Zhu Li at their wedding
For this week, I decided to go with Zhurrick. It was one of the ships suggested. Someone suggested Bosami but I didn't want to write about two ships for the same character two weeks in a row. MakoxLin was also suggested but got a lot of backlash and someone suggested Maiko but I'm procrastinating on talking about it because I personally do not like it and am afraid of the backlash I'll get when I talk about why I don't like it. So Zhurrick it is.


This ship started in Book Two when the characters were introduced. It probably started as early as the first episode but really set sail in the episode when they were hiding inside of Ping-Ping together. Varrick told everybody that Zhu Li never left his side which is why a lot fans shipped them together. The two were later imprisoned together for conspiring to kidnap the president and they ended sharing a cell (even though prisons typically have gender separation). It was also revealed that he had a battleship named after her, although he compared her to a cold-hearted war machine which some fans felt disproved their relationship. Varrick and Zhu Li escaped from prison together when Unavaatu blew a hole in the wall. They eventually went to Zaofu together but neither of them had much of a role in Book Three.

Book Four was the season where Zhurrick really started to grow. Zhu Li was finally given a personality and a larger role. There was a very obvious tease moment where Zhu Li was on top of Varrick while he was touching her cheek. Unfortunately, he ruined the moment and she turned on him later in that episode because she was tired of the way he was treating her. However, some fans thought that she was bluffing in order to get closer to Kuvira which was later proven to be correct. Varrick was clearly hurt by this "betrayal" and complained about not having her. The two eventually worked things out and he was finally able to admit his feelings for her by outright proposing to her. The series ended at their wedding.

I did not like Zhurrick right away in Book Two because I found it to be slightly overrated. I saw their relationship as more professional than anything. However, it eventually started to grow on me in Book Four. I liked their moment that they shared on the train and like many others I guessed that Zhu Li's betrayal was a ruse although she did seem to have a problem with the way that he treated her. I found it to be aborable that Varrick clearly had trouble with telling her about his feelings. I was not surprised at all when they ended up together in the finale.


  • The two are so in sync that Varrick could tell Zhu Li to "do the thing" and she would always know exactly what to do.
  • While there were struggles, they did have a mutual admiration for each other that resulted in a marriage.


  • There were times when Varrick treated Zhu Li like more of an assistant than a human being and initially had issues with communicating his feelings.

So what are your thoughts on Zhurrick? Please feel free to comment and thank you for reading this. While it is okay to compare other ships, please keep discussion centered around Zhurrick. Also, let me know what you would like to see next.

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