"Goodbye, Sokka. I'll always be with you."
— Yue to Sokka before fading away.

I decided to do an A:TLA ship this week. After all, I'll be doing ships posts for both A:TLA and LoK. For this week, I decided to write about Yukka, also known as Yuekka or Yuokka.

Also, please feel free to suggest ships for future ship posts. I've been picking randomly so far but I'd like some ideas. I can't guarantee that I will automatically take each suggestion, but I'll consider it. For right now, I would like to avoid the following ships: Kataang, Zutara, Makorra, and Korrasami. These are the ships that cause the most heated arguments and I don't feel ready to write about them. Plus, I still want to wait for the finale hype to calm down before I talk about Korrasami and my previous Korrasami post was bashed by a fellow Korrasami shipper. But other than that, I'm open to suggestions.


Sokka first met Yue when Team Avatar arrived at the Northern Water Tribe. He fell for her right away and made a move on her. The two decided to hang out but Yue eventually got upset. It turned out that she was already engaged to man named Hahn, though it was purely political and Yue did not have any romantic feelings for him. Yue actually did have feelings for Sokka and even kissed him but they couldn't be together. They decided to keep hanging out as friends but Yue eventually ran away because she found herself unable to ignore her feelings. Sokka eventually met her fiancee Hahn and got angry with him when he bragged about the perks of being with Yue. Sokka attacked him and got kicked out of the mission. Chief Arnook instead appoint Sokka as Yue's bodyguard. The moon spirit was eventually killed and Yue sacrificed herself to bring back the moon. Sokka protested because it was his job to protect her but Yue insisted that it was her destiny. Yue kissed Sokka as a spirit and gave him a final goodbye.

I do ship Yukka along with Sukka. It sucks that the Northern Water Tribe had conservative customs and that Yue was engaged to someone she did not love. However, she truly loved Sokka and this "forbidden love" was beautiful. It also stinks that Yue had to die as a human and become the moon because it prevents their relationship. However, their time together was still wonderful. I've seen some fans who believe that Sokka reunited with Yue when he died and spent an eternity with her as a spirit. This would imply that he did what Iroh did when he died. Sorry, but I don't see that happening. Sokka is not a spiritual person at all and I can never see even bothering to learn how to enter the Spirit World.


  • Sokka and Yue had a mutual attraction towards each other.
  • Sokka showed Yue how to have a great time and she was happy while she was spending time with him.
  • Sokka's dedication to her allowed him to protect her at all costs. Chief Arnook himself was the one to make Sokka her bodyguard.


  • Yue was already engaged to Hahn by the time they met.
  • The people of the Northern Water Tribe most likely would have not approved of their relationship (customs were just starting to change).
  • Yue died as a human and became the moon spirit while Sokka remained alive for a long time. This makes a future between the two nearly impossible.

So what are your opinions of Yukka? Please feel free to comment and thank you for reading. While it is okay to compare other pairings, please discussion centered around Yukka. Also, please feel free to give me suggestions for future ships to write about. The ship can be from A:TLA or LoK.

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