"I can't believe I'm stuck with her friend."
— Wei about sparring with Bolin.
I've decided to start a new series of blog posts, inspired by this blog post from years ago. That post was unfortunately the first and the last of said series, so I have gone ahead and started my own. I'll admit that I'm a pretty big shipper and I love to talk about shipping. I was also hoping to generate some discussion since the amount of activity on this wiki seems to have been decreasing.

In a similar manner to the inspiring blog post, I will first talk about the ship in general and then I will list the pros and cons of the ship. I will be throwing in a little bit of my own opinion as well. Lastly, I invite everybody to comment their opinions of the ship.


Bolin and Wei first met when Team Avatar went to visit Zaofu. When Bolin finally decided to try and learn how to metalbend, Wei ends up being his sparring partner while Wing gets to spar with Korra. Wei did not enjoy this and was especially irritated when Bolin struck him with a pebble during their duel. However, this ship really did not set sail until late in Book Four (which takes place three years later) when Bolin was helping rescue his family. Bolin had to catch the prisoners whom Lin threw across a chasm. When Bolin caught Wei, the latter smiled at the former and even gave him a pat on the cheek. This is the moment that sparked the Weilin ship throughout the fandom. That moment is defined as as a ho yay moment. While it is unclear what Wei's actual motivations and feelings behind his actions are, many fans like to believe that Wei has a crush on Bolin.

I am neutral towards Weilin though I do find the ship to be amusing. That being said, I'm not sure that Wei actually has romantic feelings for Bolin. Wei had just been saved from imprisonment and caught after being thrown across a chasm. I have heard of a man kissing another man after the latter saved his life, so I find Wei's actions to be understandable. That being said, I would not be that surprised if Wei did have a crush on Bolin, but I highly doubt that Bolin would ever feel the same way. He patched things up with Opal after that ho yay moment happened.


  • Bolin and Wei seem to have a mutual respect and understanding towards each other.


  • Neither Bolin nor Wei have ever been shown to be attracted to each other in a romantic way.
  • Bolin is dating Opal, making a relationship between him and Wei unlikely.

Please feel free to comment your own opinions on Weilin and thank you for reading. It is okay to compare other ships, but please try to keep discussion centered around Weilin.

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