Wow, is it Saturday already? I feel like I just posted my last ship. Anyway, some requested Tokka or something similar, and since I've already done Tokka, I decided to go with The Doph instead.

The Doph

This ship seemed to develop throughout Book Three. The Duke seemed to always have a great admiration for Toph whenever they were around each other. He acted as a seeing-eye for here when she was defending the ship from the Fire Nation. He was also sweet enough to let her barf in his helmet when she was sea-sick. But one of the cutest moments was at the end when the Duke hugged which took her by surprise and then when Pipsqueak held both of them. Bryke also laughed about shipping them together in the commentary.

I do like this ship now but I wasn't on board from the start. I liked Tokka a little at first before liking Taang. Yes, I liked Taang so shoot me. But now I just find them to be so cute together for some reason. I am at least pretty sure that the Duke had a crush on Toph. I remember a tumblr post pointing out the fact that he was glaring at Sokka when Toph was around him. Some think that Kanto might be his real name and that he actually is Lin's father. I feel that this is a bit of a stretch and if it is true then it means that things didn't work out between them, :(


  • The two seem to have a great admiration for each other and this is especially the case on the Duke's side.
  • Despite not speaking much, the two are very in sync. They work well together on the battlefield and the Duke even offered his helmet when Toph felt sick.


  • There is no indication that Toph felt that way about the Duke.
  • There is a four year age gap. This may not have mattered that much in the future, but the Duke was only eight years old during the series.
  • If the Duke is Kanto, then that would mean that things did not work between him and Toph and he never even bothered being a part of Lin's life.

So what are your thoughts on The Doph? Please feel free to comment and thank you for reading this. While it is okay to compare other ships, please keep discussion centered around the Doph. Also, let me know what you would like to see next.

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