"You know, if you'd like to learn how a real pro bends, I could give you some private lessons."
— Tahno while taunting Korra
Nobody gave me any suggestions last week so I decided to go with Tahnorra. I don't think that I've written about a ship involving Korra yet. This is bad because the Avatar should be shipped with a lot of people. So I decided to write about Tahnorra.


Tahnorra became popular as soon as a promo was released that showed Tahno and Korra standing in each other's faces. A lot of fans especially liked this ship after the actual episode where they met aired and Tahno offered to give Korra some "private lessons" while Korra called him "pretty boy". The two were pretty huge rivals and they fought each other in a tie-breaker in which Korra won. After the match ended and Tahno lost his bending, Korra finally began to sympathize with him and Tahno stopped looking down on her. Their interaction at the police headquarters drew more fans into shipping Tahnorra. So many fans hoped to see more of Tahno and were disappointed when he never appeared with a speaking role again. Korra saw him in the Tree of Time and the creators commented that he was in Korra's thoughts. He makes a couple of cameos in Book 4 but he is never seen interacting with Korra again.

I do ship Tahnorra but I already shipped Makorra by that point so I only shipped it as my secondary Korra ship. Now that I ship Korrasami, Tahnorra is my tertiary Korra ship with Makorra being my secondary. While I do like the ship, there are still two things that would impact my opinion on it. They first issue is Tahno's age. We never knew how old he was and I would not have wanted to see this pairing during the series if he was significantly older than her. The second issue is the fact that Tahno was such a player. I would not want to see Korra in a poly-amorous relationship and would only be okay with it if Korra was the only one for him. I really can't even explain why I like Tahnorra. I guess I just find it to be amusing.


  • They seemed to gain a mutual understanding and respect for each other after Tahno lost his bending.


  • The two had a pretty big rivalry and did not get along.
  • Tahno is such a player that he has multiple women surrounding him. This would not be good for Korra.

So what are your thoughts on Tahnorra? Please feel free to comment and thank you for reading. While it is okay to compare other ships, please keep discussion centered around Tahnorra. Also, let me know what you would like to see next.

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