"I dedicated my life to you!"
— The Lieutenant to Amon.
Per suggestions for last week, I decided to go with Lieumon this week. It might be relevant now given recent revelations, though nothing was stated about Amon or the Lieutenant specifically. You can let me know what ships you want to see in the future, but I think I've already decided which ship I will be discussing next week.


This ship set sail during the course of Book One's airing. It was probably the most popular male/male ship, at least until Wuko came along. The Lieutenant was always very loyal to Amon and Amon placed a great trust in the Lieutenant. It seemed to be pretty clear that they had a close professional relationship. Unfortunately, the Lieutenant later discovered Amon's real identity and did not approve of it. He outright attacked Amon who in turn bloodbended the Lieutenant against a wall. Amon was later killed by Tarrlok and it is unknown what happened to the Lieutenant.

I do ship Lieumon but I understand that this ship was pretty much sunk. They turned on each other and became enemies at the end. If there was ever any chance of the two reconciling, it was destroyed when Amon died. That being said, I do see some chemistry between the two. The Lieutenant did dedicate his life to Amon and felt hurt and betrayed when he learned the truth. Amon actually seemed to be somewhat remorseful and only bloodbended him in self-defense. I realize that there is little to justify this ship, but I still like it.


  • The two have a close professional relationship.
  • The Lieutenant dedicated his life to Amon who was grateful for this.


  • The Lieutenant did not know the truth about Amon for the longest time. Even if he was in love with Amon, he did not really know whom he was actaully falling in love with, even if he thought he knew.
  • The Lieutenant did not approve of Amon's secret and attacked him. Amon, in turn, bloodbended him, though this was only in self-defense.
  • Amon is dead, making any future relationship between them impossible.

So what are your thoughts on Lieumon? Please feel free to comment your opinions and thank you for reading. While it is okay to compare other ships, please keep discussion centered around Lieumon.

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