Hello everybody! I decided to go with Kyalin from a suggestion from two weeks ago. I also decided to do things differently when picking future ships. I have a ship picked for next week from last week's suggestions and I'm still going with that but I've decided to only pick one suggestion per week and not make a long list. I hope you all understand but the list will get super long if I add every single suggestion.

Anyway, I realize that Kyalin is a crack ship but I will still do my best to analyze it fairly.


Kyalin is pretty much a crack ship. The two have probably met and interacted before but we haven't seen it. Lin dated her brother Tenzin at one point so they probably saw each other a lot. A lot of people do ship them together and I'm not exactly sure how or when this ship set sail. Most shippers see Lin and Kya as a perfect match for each other. Some stereotypically saw Kya as somebody who would stereotypically be attracted to other women (and we now know that this is an actual possibility) and others see Lin as possibly being bisexual. Despite there being literally no evidence for this ship, it is still pretty popular.

I do ship Kyalin but I will admit that there is nothing to justify it. I started shipping it for the lulz. I already shipped Lin with both Tenzin and Bumi so I figured why not ship her with Kya as well. As time passed, I actually started to seriously like it. I can't really explain it other than my personal opinion that they would be a good match for each other. When it was revealed that Kya is a part of the LGBT+ community, I saw some fans jump to the conclusion that Kyalin was confirmed. I would not jump to that conclusion so quickly. For one, we don't if Kya is actually attracted to other women because we don't know what she identifies as. Also, we don't know about Lin either. However, I do feel that this revelation gives Kyalin a chance. But just a chance.


  • The two might be a good match for each other and are likely to show a great amount of respect for each other. (This is a pretty weak pro though)


  • There has been nothing to suggest that Kya and Lin are attracted to each other or even other women. This is especially the case with Lin.

So what are your opinions of Kyalin? Please feel free to comment your opinion and than you for reading. While it is okay to compare other ships, please keep discussion centered around Kyalin.

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