Per suggestions from last week, I decided to write about Irosami. I don't think I've done a ship involving either of the Irohs.


It's hard to say much about Iroh and Asami because the two have barely interacted. This ship set sail along with Korroh right after Iroh was introduced at the end of Turning the Tides. Even though the two had not met yet, many shippers of Makorra wanted Asami to be with someone else and Iroh happened to seem like a possible candidate. Amusingly, this ship was originally supposed to happen back when LoK was only going to be 12 episodes. Asami was going to join the United Forces and run off with him. However, it was also going to be revealed that Iroh was actually 36 years old. I'm pretty sure that many abandoned ship after this revelation.

I never supported Irosami. I shipped Makorra and really wanted Asami to be with somebody but at the same time I did not want to ship her with somebody just for the purpose of shipping her. I was actually pretty annoyed to see people shipping Irosami and Korroh as soon as Iroh was introduced because he was only seen briefly at that point and he had not interacted with either Asami or Korra. It was also annoying because people on Avatar Wiki tried to add both pairings to the Shipping page despite there being nothing to write about them. In fact, that incident is what forced the community to decide which ships should be included on that page. I'll admit that I was surprised when it was revealed that Iroh was actually 36 but now I like Irosami even less because of that. Iroh is definitely old enough to be married with children, even if we don't know that this is actually the case.


  • The two seemed to have some respect for each other and worked together on the battlefield.


  • There is quite a large age gap between the two.
  • The two have never been shown to be interested in each other.
  • Asami was with Mako and is now with Korra, making this relationship unlikely.

So what are your thoughts on Irosami? Please feel free to comment and thank you for reading this. While it is okay to compare other ships, please keep discussion centered around Irosami. Also, let me know what you would like to see next.

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