"I know there's nothing I can do, or no big gesture that can make up for all my mistakes, but ... that doesn't mean I'm gonna stop trying to win you back, because ... I love you."
— Bolin to Opal about winning her back
Per last week's suggestions, I decided to go with Bopal. This is the Fourth of July so I apologize if this isn't up to my usual standards. I realize that some of you might not be American but today is our Independence Day.


Where do I begin? I remember Opal's name was revealed before Book Two and many thought that this was Eska's name at first. It's kind of funny in hindsight because Eska and Opal both ended up being love interests for Bolin. Due to the leaks, it was already known by many that Opal was going to crush on Bolin and end up being his next love interest. Many fans seemed to have mixed feelings about another new character as a love interest for a main character and some were still stuck on other ships such as Borra and Boleska. However, the ship would eventually grow on others. Book Four added some drama to this relationship which some liked because they previously thought that their relationship was forced while others did not like it and felt that it was forced. However, it became one of the most popular ships by the end of the series. I can't find the poll but Bopal tied with Kainora for first place with Makorra and Korrasami tied right before them.

I did not immediately like Bopal for multiple reasons that I already mentioned above. The first reason is that I still liked Boleska. The other problem I had is that I felt that it was rushed and forced. Bolin was not sure if he even returned her feelings until Mako made fun of him for his previous interest in Eska and Ginger (while conveniently not mentioning Korra). I think that it grew on me more in Book Four when we finally got to see more depth to their relationship. I'm not really one to automatically ship something when it becomes canon (except for ships that are canon from the start such as Senraq) and for some reason I can't even remember the exact moment when I started to ship it. But now I really like and even like to make some Bopals. For those who don't know, Bryke coined the term "Bopals" in the commentary for Book Four as a term for children of Bolin and Opal.


  • They have mutual feelings for each other.
  • They seem to be able to work past any issue, even when Opal's entire family was imprisoned.


  • They seem to have communication issues sometimes, mainly during the political issues from when Bolin worked for Kuvira.

So what are your thoughts on Bopal? Please feel free to comment and thank you for reading this. While it is okay to compare other ships, please keep discussion centered about Bopal. Also, let me know what you would like to see next.

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