"You will always hold the special place in the organ that pumps my blood. I will remember you fondly, my turtle duck."
— Eska to Bolin
I haven't written about a LoK ship so I went with Boleska. I decided to pick something that was canon at one point but not endgame.


Bolin and Eska hit it off right at the beginning of Book 2. This pairing was highly anticipated before the season even started though. It was known that Bolin would get a love interest any some started to ship Eska with Bolin while others hoped that Bolin would get with Asami or even Korra. A color correction of the two talking was posted on Bryan's tumblr and that's when the ship really took off. In the early episodes of the season, Eska treated Bolin like a slave until he finally ran off with the rest of Team Avatar. They briefly got back together during Harmonic Convergence until Eska decided to break up with him because she realized that a relationship between them wouldn't work because she had to go rule the Northern Water Tribe with her brother. Still, some fans hoped that they would reconcile along with Makorra until Opal came along in Book 3.

I do like this ship and it was my favorite Bolin ship at one point until Bopal took over. While I don't want to talk about Bopal too much on this post, I wasn't a huge fan of it immediately but it eventually grew on me. As for Boleska, I couldn't help myself but board the ship before the season even started. However, I will still admit that it was rushed and I didn't like the way that Eska treated Bolin. I secretly hoped that she would come around and learn how to treat other people and I was not a fan of Bolin's brief fling or whatever with Ginger. Needless to say, I cheered when they kissed during the finale. I'm going to use the overused freudian excuse here and blame Unalaq for the way that Eska treated Bolin. He was a bad father and did not give a crap about his children so Eska did not learn the right way to treat others. Unalaq never payed attention to their relationship at all and didn't even care when Eska and Bolin were supposedly going to get married.


  • This relationship eventually swayed Eska as well as Desna to side against the Dark Avatar.
  • They eventually gained some sort of respect for each other.


  • Eska treated Bolin like a slave and tried to force him into a marriage.
  • They broke up for good and Bolin is now with Opal.

So what are your thoughts on Boleska? Please feel free to comment and thank you for reading this. While it is okay to compare other ships, please try to keep discussion centered around Boleska. Also, let me know what you would like to see next.

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