I don't think that I got any suggestions last week so I decided to go with a suggestion from the previous week which is the airbender girlfriends. It's between two female airbenders with unknown names. If you want to know more about them, click here.

Airbender Girlfriends

This ship stems from Book Three when the airbenders are shown. They don't have names and I don't think that they had any lines either. All we know about them is that they became airbenders after Harmonic Convergence and eventually joined the new Air Nation. If you look at the tumblr post that I linked to above, you will see multiple screenshots of them together. The most notable one is them comforting each other while being held hostage by the Red Lotus. There is also a screenshot or two where it looks like they are holding hands or close to holding hands. The airbender girlfriends now have a decent-sized fanon following.

I want to support this ship but I don't think that we know enough about them. In fact, we know next to nothing about them, save for the fact that they are airbenders who are a part of the Air Nation. It is possible that they are a couple or at least attracted to each other. However, it is also possible that they are just best friends. If that is the case, this does not make their relationship any less meaningful. Looking at the screenshots, I do find some of them to be adorable. I really do wish that I could learn more about them.


  • They are very close to each other and seem to have a mutual admiration for each other.


  • We know next to nothing about them and we don't know if they are romantically attracted to each other.

So what are your thoughts on the airbender girlfriends? Please feel free to comment and thank you for reading this. While it is okay to compare other ships, please keep discussion centered around the airbender girlfriends. Also, let me know what you would like to see next.

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