"If it seems out of the blue to you, I think a second viewing of the last two seasons would show that perhaps you were looking at it only through a hetero lens."
— Bryan Konietzko

Well we all know that Korrasami is canon, but while a lot of us are celebrating, there are many who think that the pairing came out of nowhere. Even though Bryan himself said that it did not come out of the blue, there are still many who insist that it did. I am tired of seeing this, so I decided to gather evidence for people who are too lazy to look for it themselves. There is already a video that consists of many Korrasami moments, but it is missing some. That's why I have decided to compile a list of evidence myself. Since their relationship did not really begin to develop until Book 3, I am only including books 3 and 4 on this list. However, if you think there is anything noteworthy that should be added from books 1 or 2, then please tell me and I will add it. Also, if there is anything that I forgot, please let me know.

Korrasami Evidence

Book Three: Change

  • In A Breath of Fresh Air, when Korra is frustrated over her low approval ratings, Asami comforts her.
  • When Mako sees Korra and Asami, he acts awkward about their growing friendship and quickly leaves.
  • Asami teaches Korra how to drive. She flips her hair in a flirtatious manner after tossing the keys over to Korra. They talk about their past relationships with Mako. They are simply able to laugh it off and don't harbor grudges for each other. Korra tells Asami that she is glad to have a girlfriend to talk to.
  • In Rebirth, when Asami brings an airship for the group to travel in, Korra tells her that it's perfect.
  • When the group puts on an airbending show, Korra teases Mako by throwing him around in a torando. Korra smiles and looks back at Asami while she is doing this. Asami laughs at her.
  • In The Earth Queen, Asami joins Korra to help her collect the tax money for the Earth Queen. Korra admits to her that she is unsure if her actions are what is best for the Earth Kingdom.
  • When Korra is upset about the Earth Queen lying to her in In Harm's Way, Asami helps her blow off some steam by holding up pads for her to punch on.
  • When the Earth Queen tries to get Korra out of Ba Sing Se, Asami comes up with an excuse regarding the airship to buy her some time. Korra thanks her.
  • In The Terror Within, when the Red Lotus tries to kidnap Korra, Asami runs outside and tries to help, even getting dangerously close to the moat of lava.
  • Asami joins Korra in helping her find the traitor that led to the Red Lotus almost kidnapping her.
  • In The Stakeout, Asami asks Korra if she is okay when she is pouting and worrying about why Zaheer wants her. Asami tries to help her find Aiwei and Zaheer.
  • While Korra is in the Spirit World, Asami holds her body while trying to escape from Ming-Hua and Ghazan on Naga.
  • When Korra wakes up and notices that Asami is handcuffed, she immediately asks her if she is okay. Asami speaks in a weak voice, which almost makes her sound like she's disappointed in herself for failing to protect Korra.
  • In Long Live the Queen, Asami manages to help Korra escape from the airship. They escape the desert together as well. Also, according to Mike's commentary on this episode, "This is a good episode for Korra and Asami and their partnership.”
  • Korra tells Tonraq that she escape thanks to Asami. He smiles at her, showing his approval of Asami.
  • When Korra goes into the Spirit World to look for Zaheer, Asami watches over her.
  • In Enter the Void, Korra reveals her plan to give herself up. Asami protests and tells her that she can't expect her to sit by and let Zaheer take her.
  • When Korra is about to leave, Asami hugs her and tells her to be careful. Korra tells Asami to be careful as well.
  • While Bolin is talking to Mako about how he's worried about Opal, Asami just silently leans against the wall and pouts.
  • In Venom of the Red Lotus, when Su is trying to extract the poison from Korra, Asami watches over her while clenching her hands. She also looks like she's about to cry.
  • When Korra is in a wheelchair, Asami takes care of her and helps her get ready for Jinora's ceremony. She can tell that Korra is feeling depressed and holds her hand, letting her know that she is there for her if she needs to talk.

Book Four: Balance

  • In After All These Years, when Mako tells Asami that Korra is going to return to Republic City, Asami says that she can't wait to see her.
  • Asami smiles with excitement when the Southern Water Tribe ship arrives. When she finds out that Korra isn't there, she looks disappointed and worried.
  • In Korra Alone, Asami offered to go with Korra to the south pole to remain by her side while she recovered. She had a lot to do in Republic City but was willing to stop everything that she was doing if it meant that she could keep Korra company.
  • While Mako and Bolin also wrote letters to Korra, Asami stated that she missed her and that Republic City wasn't the same without her.
  • Asami ended up being the only person whom Korra wrote to. She confides in her about her inability to go into the Avatar State and her visions about Zaheer.
  • In Reunion, Asami compliments Korra's hair after they hug which makes Korra blush. Korra, in turn, remarks that Asami is looking snazzy as always.
  • Asami is relieved to hear that Korra can go into the Avatar State again and admits that she was worried. Mako is surprised to hear that they kept secrets from him and asks "What's going on with you two?"
  • Korra is geniunely concerned for Asami when she finds out that she is spending time with her father again. Asami snaps at Korra for expressing her concern after being gone for three years. Korra is not upset by this.
  • When Wu is kidnapped, Asami trusts Korra more than Mako does when she has an idea where Wu is.
  • After saving Wu, Korra and Asami apologize to each other and Asami admits that it might take some time to adjust. They then join in a group hug along with Mako.
  • In Remembrances, Asami is worried that Korra might be cold and brings her some tea (even though she's from the south pole and has to be used to the cold, plus she is a Firebender and should be able to keep herself warm). Korra tells her that she is sweet.
  • Korra admits her concern that the world may not need her anymore. Asami tells her she is wrong and tells her how great of an avatar she's been.
  • In The Last Stand, Asami was the first to notice when Korra returned from the Spirit World. When everybody hugs her, Asami is leaning her head on Korra's shoulder. You really have to look hard to see it.
  • When Korra apologizes to Asami for being gone, she tells her that she is glad to have her there now. She equated losing Korra to losing her father and starts to cry. Korra comforts her.
  • Do I really even need to say it? They decide to take a vacation to the Spirit World and hold hands while walking into the portal. They then gaze into each others eye in a manner that is suppose to mirror Varrick and Zhu Li's nuptial pose. Not to mention that the camera pans up to the sky and says "the end" in a way that clearly parallels Aang and Katara at the end of A:TLA.

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