The Cabbagies are now closed. Thank you to everyone who contributed. Catch you next year. :)

Welcome one and all to the third edition of the kind of annual Cabbage Merchant's Completely Irrelevant Category Awards, otherwise known as THE CABBAGIES. We took a break last year as I was in the middle of a six month trek through the Amazon (lie, totally a lie), but we are back this year with a vengeance. However, this year is more than just the third Cabbagie Awards, it is also the 10th anniversary of when this wiki was created. In that 10 years, the wiki has been through highs and lows, seen people come and go. Unfortunately, in recent times, with the end of Korra, there has been more going than coming. My hope therefore, is that these awards will serve not only to bring the community together, but also to tempt back people that have left.

For those of you that are new or have recently been subjected to a Memory Charm, the Cabbagies are an alternative awards show in which you, yes you, I'm pointing at you, get to come up with the craziest, most stupid nominations you can, and the best part is, if you nominate someone, they're automatically a winner. You can nominate anyone you can think of, real or imaginary, for whatever you want. If you're feeling left out, nominate yourself, and the best part is YOU'LL AUTOMATICALLY BE A WINNER.

Everyone who wins a Cabbagie Award will receive a very special userbox to add to their own profile, completely unique. Except in every way possible. Because literally everyone will have one.

On top of this, we will have several super-fancy userboxes; the two users who pay me the most money come up with the craziest categories will win the award for:

Craziest Cabbagie Category Creator

And, because they went down so well last time, we are bringing back the following:

  • The "It just gets you right there" award - for the most poetic nomination, the one that just gets you right there, the one that makes you cry almost as bad as when Mufasa died.
  • The "Oh god, I think I just wet myself" award - for the award that makes you laugh so bad, you immediately check Amazon for the price of adult diapers (you will be happy to know that HammerOfThor has progressed to wearing big boy pants, and thus no longer requires Tena for Men).

But that's not all, oh no sir. This year, we are doing something a little special. Because not everyone is a literary genius, you may also submit drawings made by yourself (no claiming other people's work as your own. That ain't tight dude) depicting your Cabbagie nomination. The best drawing will receive the coveted "Cut off my ear and call me Vincent" award; we are looking not only for artistic merit, but also for pictures that capture the craziness of the Cabbagies and the content of the nomination best. So even if you cannot draw, have a go anyway. Just make sure to keep them clean. To submit your drawing, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Create an account on Photobucket. Unless you already have one, in which case, don't bother. Two accounts is just greedy.
  2. Create amazingly wonderful drawing for Cabbagie nomination.
  3. Upload drawing to Photobucket account. If you drew it by hand, you will need to scan or take a picture of your drawing. And for the love of god, no selfies.
  4. Paste the link to your drawing in the comments below.
  5. Bask in the adoration of the other users.

Now the rules. THERE ARE NONE. Other than these of course:

  1. Come up with your own nominations. Don't steal from someone else. Get creative.
  2. Please try and leave your nomination as a new comment rather than replying to an existing comment. Be kind to those of us who have to keep track of the nominations.
  3. Keep it civil. This is meant to be fun, so any nominations made in bad taste will not be tolerated, and deleted on sight.
  4. Leave any arguments with other users at the door. This isn't the place to hash out old feuds, and doing so will not be tolerated.
  5. Have fun. Don't take things too seriously, and just have a good time. If you don't, Pabu will get you. He's deadly.

So get nominating. The awards close in one week's time. Awards extended until Friday evening.

One final thing. To celebrate the wiki's 10th anniversary, Water Spout, Omashu Rocks, Minnichi, and I have plans to create a special, cabbage themed issue of The Ba Sing Se Times. But, to do that, we need the help of you, the users of this great wiki. If you can spare a hour to write a column for us themed around this most wonderful of vegetables, we will put it in the issue. Write about anything you want, of anything length, so long as it is relate to cabbages and the wiki in some way. Within this special issue we will also include the results of these awards and our choices for best artistic submission.

So to end, two words from our sponsor; MY CABBAGIES!!!

The Cabbagies are now closed. Thank you to everyone who contributed. Catch you next year. :)

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