Something's been bugging me the last little while regarding the bending abilities of those with mixed parents. I'm not talking about a bender marrying a non-bender, I'm literally describing a marriage between say a waterbender and an airbender, much like Tenzin; the son of Aang and Katara. Based on the information provided in the Legend of Korra article, it states that Tenzin is an airbender much like his father the Avatar during that time period.

My question is: despite being an airbender, would he have some passive abilities that give him some enhancements to himself or his powers due to his mother's waterbender genes?

Granted it is speculation at this point, but imagine the possibilities. While he wouldn't be able to bend water, he could for example be resistant to cold temperatures, hold his breath longer underwater, have an enhanced swimming ability, use airbending with Tai-Chi (waterbending's fighting style; airbending's is Ba Gua), or even have a limited temperature regulation and control of water he touches. The possibilities are endless, and there has so far not been a character in the series who was an offspring of two different benders.

What do you guys think about the idea?

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