IGN just released an article with a number of videos discussing the upcoming game and the release date for it, as well as Season 4 progress/Season 3 finale among other topics (but mainly about the game). It also includes interviews with Bryke as well as another with Janet Varney and Dave Faustino.

Some main points:

  • "The Legend of Korra" will be released for the PSN and PC on Oct. 21 and for the Xbox LIVE Marketplace the next day. The game doesn't seem to be slated for release on the Wii U.
    • Mike and Bryan mentioned in regards to the game that they were a lot more involved in the development of this game as opposed to the earlier ones. In addition as the series is much more established now than it was then, the attention to detail is much higher this time around (especially considering the series regulars will be voicing their characters for the game).
  • There is a new pro-bending mode that will be unlocked once the game is beaten, and according to Robert Conkey (the producer of the game), the team managed to make it faithful to the rules established during LoK's first season.
  • As for the series, Bryke discussed the dark depths of the recently-finished third season and how they processed going through with the certain deaths that took place. Mike mentioned that there weren't really any challenges from Nickelodeon about including the deaths with the exception of having to work around with the dialogue as opposed to blatantly stating explicitly what was done. Bryan mentioned that while he wished the show was still on the air, he acknowledged that A:TLA grew exponentially in popularity online after its initial airing and had no doubts the same thing would happen to LoK in the future.
  • Regarding season 4, much of the work is finished; much of what they're working on now is post-production stuff and fine-tuning the animation. No word on a release date yet but presumably it would premiere sooner than the gap between seasons 2-3.
    • Without getting too specific, they did say that while Zaheer would still be around as well as the Red Lotus, there is a new "big bad" for the upcoming season.

For everything else, view the article and watch the myriad videos on it.


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