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  • H-Man Havoc

    IGN just released an article with a number of videos discussing the upcoming game and the release date for it, as well as Season 4 progress/Season 3 finale among other topics (but mainly about the game). It also includes interviews with Bryke as well as another with Janet Varney and Dave Faustino.

    Some main points:

    • "The Legend of Korra" will be released for the PSN and PC on Oct. 21 and for the Xbox LIVE Marketplace the next day. The game doesn't seem to be slated for release on the Wii U.
      • Mike and Bryan mentioned in regards to the game that they were a lot more involved in the development of this game as opposed to the earlier ones. In addition as the series is much more established now than it was then, the attention to detail is much high…
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  • H-Man Havoc

    As reported by IGN, The Legend of Korra Book 1: Air, will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on July 16, 2013. The Blu-ray release marks the first time that Nickelodeon releases one of their shows using this format. While the DVD version will have some audio commentaries, the Blu-ray version will have commentaries available for all episodes, in addition to a special feature titled "Series Creators Favourite" Scenes: Eight Animatics". Additionally, there is another feature called "The Legend of Puppetbender Present[s] 'The Making of a Legend: The Untold Story'", an original short with the characters in puppet form giving comical interviews about their adventures in the series. This last feature will be available in both formats.

    The IGN article …

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  • H-Man Havoc

    We, the members of the wiki have encountered a dilemma. By now, I'm sure at least some of you read The Search Part One (myself included) and have either been gasping for air or were exasperated to learn the contents of the letter Zuko took from Azula and read.


    In the letter that Zuko reads, it states:

    My dearest Ikem,

    It's taken me a long time to admit it, but you were right. I belong with you, and nothing is worth this pain. My one consolation is our son Zuko. When I look into his eyes, it's as if I'm looking into yours. My thoughts are with you always.


    Ursa (Source: Pg.76)

    In the last panel, you see Zuko shocked, with the words "our son" in bold.

    The question is, does the phrase "our son" denote that Zuko isn't Ozai's son but Ik…

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  • H-Man Havoc

    Hello everyone,

    You guys may have noticed my lack of activity on the wiki as well as a previously-unseen erratic nature to my commenting presence in recent months, after being so consistent in years prior. Ever since I came back from my vacation in mid-June, I haven't been myself when it came to maintaining my duties as one of the main rollbacks on the wiki. I think what happened was that I stopped being vigilant once I returned after putting the effort to contribute everyday for nearly all the past year, and then have the streak snapped while I was on my vacation. After nearly two months since my return, I've come to the conclusion that I'm lazy and not willing to put in the time right now. How else can I explain it? It doesn't help that m…

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  • H-Man Havoc

    Amon, the quintessential leader of the Equalists. What about him? There's recently been a vicious debate regarding the energybending "skills" he possesses and puts to good use in "The Revelation", taking away among others, Lightning Bolt Zolt's firebending away, permanently. On the one hand, some argue that Amon's using energybending to accomplish the task, while others state that the positioning of his hand on Triple Threat Triad leader's forehead blocks off the latter's third-eye chakra (also known as Ajna), obstructing his perspective of himself, losing the ability to bend while still retaining the potential to do so.

    I on the other hand, will be investigating three distinct possibilities for his "powers"; that he legitimately acquired th…

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