Has anyone have disagreements to who portrays Zuko in the movies? I have a very, very, very strong disagreement. In fact the entire fire nation royal family should be replaced. But most of all Dev Pathel needs the change.

There are plenty of other actors who would make a better Zuko. Dev Pathel does not look like Zuko, like at all. Neither does Summer for Azula or Ozai. That is one of the biggest failure in casting for this movie.

Noah is the only one who portrays Aang well and even is the perfect match for him. Sokka, how do I say this? You've completely changed, no jokes, no comedic side, nothing is good anymore. The script for Sokka please make changes. He is not like Sokka at all.

ZUKO- the headline for all this should be played by XAVIER SAMUEL. He is perfect for the part. His build, facial structure, nose, lips, brows, his expressions, it matches. All they need to do is put the scar, and dye his hair black. Please! If you don't believe, check him out!

Comments are appreciated. Thanks for reading!

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