aka Phantom of the Opera

  • I live in Voodoo Country
  • I was born on April 5
  • My occupation is High School
  • I am Male
  • Guywithafedora

    Tarlok: (Locked up)

    One Day More!

    Another day, another destiny.

    This never-ending road to Calvary;

    These men who seem to know my crime

    Will surely come a second time.

    One Day More!

    Korra: (grasping Mako's hand)

    I did not live until today...

    How can I live when we are parted?


    One Day More...

    Korra and Mako:

    Tomorrow you'll be worlds away.

    And yet with you my world has started.


    One more day all on my own.

    Korra and Mako:

    Will we ever meet again?


    One more day with him not caring...

    Korra and Mako:

    I was born to be with you.


    What a life I might have known.

    Korra and Mako:

    And I swear I will be true.


    But he never saw me there....


    One more day before the storm.

    Korra: (To Aang)

    Do I follow where he goes?


    At the Barricades o…

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