• Gspinner

    I'm a gamer and love immersing myself in fictional worlds. From the get-go A:TLA has had great potential for an immersive online world, as well as great potential to being completely unique from other games out there, benders are requires to train themselves and grow, the world has great story and it seems theres never ending fueds to be brought up from the fire nation to the recently to come anti benders. The animals are unique as it's built on a combination of two animals into one.

    Sure Nickelodeons tossed a few games from the younger audience on consoles to the simple games on their website (personally i loved autumn twilight, it was a very good start) and recently their (imo) action rpg rather than a real mmorpg. That hype was short liv…

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  • Gspinner

    FLCL as inspiration!?

    March 3, 2010 by Gspinner

    Felt like watching Fooly Cooly so i found a website with free vids and i realized i never wiki'd about FLCL so i just finished reading the entire page and at the very end before the "links" i found this which i found really interesting since i loved both. Gspinner 21:19, March 3, 2010 (UTC)

    "The directors of Avatar: The Last Airbender, an American animated television series, claim inspiration from FLCL.[18] Avatar director Giancarlo Volpe says the staff "were all ordered to buy FLCL and watch every single episode of it."

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