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  • Gsmith1030

    Hello Its Gsmith1030 with some news about upcoming San Deigo Comic Con 2015 Pannles for Avatar. If any information is missing/updated/changed ect. please let me know in the comments and leave a link to new/changed information if any for any of the SDCC panles.

    According to avatar, This panel will take place on Friday July 10@10am to 11am (PT) in room 25ABC. information from avatar below.

    Nickelodeon and Dark Horse Comics: Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra panel Friday, July 10 10am - 11am (PT) Room 25ABC

    Come celebrate Nickelodeon's Avatar universe with the brilliant minds who created it all: co creators and executive producers Mike DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko. Mike and Bryan will discuss past storylines …

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  • Gsmith1030

    Hello everyone, Gsmith1030 again here with just some summer updates.

    First off, as some of you have noticed, i have been on and off the site and my activity going down since the summer began, i am just wanting to focus on other hobbys that i have such as singing and such and not to mention that ever since the show ended manny moons back, updates have been slow ever since then, but anyway my updates will be up and down depending on my schedual from time to time but pretty much i am back, finals are done and i am going to high school as a 10th grader, yay.

    For those of you who are attending SDCC or the San Diego Comic Con for Any pannle, dont forget to check out the avatar legacy pannle coming up, as far i know, the legecy pannle dose not have…

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  • Gsmith1030

    Hello, fellow avatar wikian's this is gsmith1030 with some updates, some of you dont know me, some of you do, anyway, i am the user running the rumors and updates borad, yep that is me, anyway udaptes are slowing down so this prompted me to put a tempary board on hold untill next month however insted of of getting it closed i will leave it open to see if updates are picking up for the upcoming comics for tla, and any news for the artbook for book 4 along with the book 4 dvd, if that is the case, then i will requested closed then will create a new one,i am aware that updates will not be as steady as during the legend of korra becuase the series ended almost 2 months go. wow.

    Iam here to informam those who know me that i will be inactive for …

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  • Gsmith1030

    Hello Fellow avatar wikians, This is gsmith1030 and i am here to tell you about the legend of korra panel going on at New York Comic-Con. So far we only have infomation on when the panel is, the venue is currently unknown at this point but i wlll update this post as more information is avalible,

    According to Avatar spirit.Net the legend of korra, the main panel with the creators will be held on Thursday  October 9th@ 5:pm. Information below, again credit to avatar spirit who also pulled the infomation from bryan's tumbler as well which a link will be included as followed.

    THE LEGEND OF KORRA PANEL Thursday, Oct 9th 5.15pm (EDT), Empire Stage 1-E

    It is currently unkown what the venue is or who the panelists will be joining them but as soon i get…

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  • Gsmith1030

    Hello fellow avatar wikians, Gsmith1030 with some news about the release dates for book 2 on blue ray and dvd as well as the release date for the book 2 art book of legend of korra coming soon.

    According to Barns and noble that the release date for the book 2 art book will hit the shelves everywere on September 16, 2014 this is when book 3 should of been relased by then just saying anyway information and to order or preorder can be found in the link below.

    As for the dvd according to best buy the date is to be set and on the shelves is July 1st 2014. More information and to preorder your coppy of the dvd can be found in the link below.


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