• Gray Pea Shooter

    Avatar Game

    November 12, 2011 by Gray Pea Shooter

    Im thinking of an avatar game. It would have progressive powers (Bending) as you go on.

    Air Water Earth Fire
    ??? Ice Metal Lighting

    Say you start as a fire bender. You progress from a weak fire blast then you get stronger and stronger. Then there would get scrolls teaching you Lighting bending. An avatar would be someone who beats all the story's.

    This would take place before the war so there would be more Air Nomands. It would be an online RPG You would go from Level 1 to 100. If you were someone who couldn't bend (Non-Bender) you could use any weapon. Swords, Boomarang, and Bow and Arrow. Bender's (To make it fair) would be unable to use Melee weapons. You could also get a rank such as. Warrior, Captain, Commander, and General. It…

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