Hello i recently created a account here because i love this show and just wanted to talk about it, Feel free to comment and make your own lists these are just my opinions of top 10 toughest characters (benders and non-benders). Only present characters. *No spirits* *Toughest characters, not best*


1. Aang- he is the avatar why not?

2. Iroh-he is the dragon of the west and knows both lightning techniques

3. Ozai(before loss of bending)-the firelord who is merciless and cold.

4. Azula- only firebender who has blue flames.

5. Zuko- Prince and Iroh's nephew/star pupil.

6. Combustion Man- Unique firebender who can blow up stuff with his mind.

7. Katara- waterbending master,teacher and one of 2 bloodbenders.

8 Toph- only metalbender.

9. Appa- Yes technically he can airbend.

10. Long Feng- master earthbender and former leader of the Dai Li


1. Ty Lee- Chi-blocking master and is able to take enemies down in seconds.

2. Piando- Master swordsman and member of the Order of the White Lotus.

3. Mai- Deadly precision and long-ranged attacker.

4. Jet- Former leader of the freedom fighters and dual hook sword user.

5. June+Nyla-Dangerous bounty hunter and shirshu with paralyzing tongue

6. Suki- Head Kyoshi warrior and able to hold her own against tough opponents like Ty Lee.

7. Sokka-Trained by piando and has meteorite sword.

8. Hakoda- Leader of the Souther Water tribe warriors.

9. Vachir- Bowman of the Rough Rhinos.

10. Yeh-Lu- Explosives expert of the Rough Rhinos.

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