Hello everyone, ever since I started watching this show,like most shows, I started to make up a character for a show that is quite unique.I would very much appreciate comments and criticism, thank you for taking the time to read this too. Khan Ching, 15 yrs of age,met Zuko at a royal academy in the Fire Nation, and became fast friends with him,Azula,Mai, and Ty Lee. Unusually he has brown hair, and silver eyes. He became a master firebender fast surpassing Azula's blue flames by Purple flames,to represent the struggle within him to choose his path, his teacher before Zuko's banishment was Iroh who eventually taught him Sun Warrior techniques. In secrecy his maternal Grandfather was a flame spirit, so he is 25% flame spirit, while his paternal grandfather was the hunting spirit, giving him a mastery over weapons,stealth, and allows him to take the form of a wolf while keeping his firebending. He has the ability to bend through his weapons. His main weapons are two crimson dual blades infused with volcanic gems to increase firebending two-fold. Also for minor threats he uses a large Spear-Axe hybrid weapon that has a 3 ft long handle and a sharp axe blade at the end. He has mastered lightning generation techniques as well. Because of his nobility and power, in Book 2 he became the youngest High Admiral in Fire Nation history, becoming the right hand of the Firelord and having direct control and access to any troops. He was charged with aiding Azula and friends to capture the Avatar, though he did not take much enthusiasm to fight his old friend Zuko and Master Iroh and has let them escape whenever Azula was not around. He is well known for his innate tracking abilities using his advanced firebending and spiritual mastery to be able to sense opponents through their body heat. His own personal fleet is more advanced than other having taught the firebenders a few moves not taught at the academies and training the non-firebenders in swords mastery. He is also been known to be able to enter the spirit world and come out at will, but unknown to most he is the spirit worlds spy, and the spirit consultant of the Fire Nation. As of the end of the series only Iroh, Ty Lee, Mai and Team Avatar know of his true origins, and he is also the spiritual guide of the Fire Nation, often being asked to request the spirts certain requests from the citizens such as asking the water spirits for rain in case of a drought. Most of the time he is fun and care-free and is never seen depressed unless it is a dire situatuion. He has shown hints of disloyalty to the Firelord but never to his nation or friends(minus Azula). He is overconfident,impatient,and always loves a good challenge. He leads the defense of the capital during the eclipse, holding off the best of the invaders with his swords and agility alone. If his firends or allies are struck down or cirtically injured however his rage can be quelled in seconds or hours. He is shown to have a soft side to nature and is very strict when it comes to spirtual balance, as he is strongly against the killing of animals, burning of forests, and tampering with spirits. One of his only weaknesses is a lack of focus against opponents he deems "unworthy".Weaknesses: stubborness,heavy polearm slowing him down a bit, and limited loyalty to the Fire lord therefore not following orders to the letter sometimes.That is all so far people. BTW I also want ideas for "Shippings" with this guy(people available at the end of series only)

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